Buying Perennials from Mail Order Plant Catalogs

Buying Perennials from Mail Order Plant Catalogs

By Published March 22, 2013 Updated June 22, 2022

It is the age of the internet. The world is at your fingertips, and almost anything you can imagine buying from anywhere is for sale. You may not be able to get it locally, but you can order it online. So why not order perennials from mail order plant catalogs online. It is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. Search for "buy plants" and you get over 200 million results, I said it can be overwhelming. However, with plants it is important to consider where you are buying them. It is not cheap jewelry, a handmade smiley face potholder, or a framed print of a cat in a top hat; it is a live plant. You can't order plants cheaply from China due to regulations. You want to order perennials from a quality nursery with an online mail order plant catalog.

Maybe you can order your perennials cheaply from Billy Bob on EBay, but what are you getting along with it? Plant diseases, nematodes, insects, invasives, poor information, a limited plant lifespan, the wrong plant name or plant entirely; who knows? Buying from a quality nursery, like Plant Delights, ensures you are getting a quality product. We specialize in introducing new and unusual perennials, so you get all the novelty, diversity, and convenience the internet can offer with the quality and reliability of an established nursery. Our mail order plant catalogs bring that quality and diversity into your home both online and as a printed catalog for those who still prefer paper.

We have a dedicated research staff that ensures the information and recommendations in our mail order plant catalogs are correct. We have a team of specialists that ensure our perennials are properly propagated and grown for the plant's needs. We have a plant health expert that ensures our plants are pest and disease free. And we have a shipping team that ensures that the plants are properly packed and shipped to your front door.

Proper care is essential with live plant cargo, as it can rot, freeze, break, overheat, or die in transit if not properly shipped. We never refrigerate or store our plants. All plants are taken from the greenhouses in growth or natural dormancy and shipped directly to you. We even ship overseas with the proper paperwork and preparation. At Plant Delights we ensure you are getting a quality product at every step of the process, from propagation to shipping.

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