Liriope muscari

Liriope muscari

A Great, Tough Ground Cover

By Published May 07, 2016 Updated June 07, 2022

Liriope muscari is an evergreen ground cover which grows to a height of 10” to 18” It grows in a clump form and will spread to about 12” to 18”. Liriope can also be used as a low edging plant along paved areas such as sidewalks or in front of foundation plantings. It is remarkably tough, growing in sand or clay, and it can endure both heat and drought.

Liriope muscari 'Peedee Ingot' (Peedee Ingot Golden Monkey Grass) is a bright golden grass-like plant that grows in the shade and forms a clump 18” tall by 30” wide. With the foliage fading to a chartreuse-green in late summer, it is a sight to behold. Beginning in midsummer, 12”, lilac-purple flowers that resemble grape hyacinths appear (hence the species name, muscari). 

Liriope muscari 'Okina' (Okina Frosted Monkey Grass) is a ground cover noted for its unusual foliage. In spring the top 75% of each leaf is white and as it matures through the growing season, the white becomes speckled with green flecks. How cool is that? In late summer the clump sends up typical stalks of lilac flowers which give way in fall to blackish berries that may persist into winter. 

Liriope muscari 'Sideswiped' (Sideswiped Monkey Grass) looks like a tie-dyed ground cover with upright dark green leaves heavily banded with wide horizontal yellow bands, especially on new growth. As with other liriope muscari, it flowers in midsummer.

Liriope muscari is one of the most commonly used plants in the southern perennial garden and it is tough as nails. This perennial is rabbit and deer resistant. It works well when planted on steep slopes where erosion control is required. Minimal care is needed but a fresh haircut (mowed or trimmed back to 3 inches in the early spring) pushes new foliage out.

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