A Wide Selection of Hostas

A Wide Selection of Hostas

for the perennial garden

By Published November 15, 2015 Updated June 15, 2022

Many gardeners prefer hostas because of their durability. Hosta plants are hardy perennials and will grow well in partially shaded areas. Hosta plants are very diverse in size and range in height from 2 inches to more than 3 feet. Their widths can range from 6 inches to more than 6 feet. Most hostas are hardy in USDA growing zones 3 through 8. If you are unsure of just which hardiness zone you are in or you are having difficulty in choosing the right perennials for your garden, Plant Delights Nursery can help. We offer a wide selection of quality perennials and information about every plant that we sell.

Hostas are a preferred shade plants by many gardeners. Some varieties even provide lovely flowers with a sweet fragrance. Hostas for shade offer diverse leaf forms with some being heart-shaped and others being round or lance-shaped. Hosta leaves can be smooth, shiny, cupped, corrugated or feature wavy margins. They are typically chosen for their foliage colors, which can range from a beautiful green to yellow, white and cream. If you are looking for a plant that gives you a number of choices in colors and shapes and you want a hardy perennial that will come back year after year, hostas are a hard to beat choice.

Plant Delights Nursery provides quality perennials that you can order directly from our website or in person at our gardens. Feel free to read more about our hosta and other perennial selections via our website or contact us to learn more today.

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