Enhance Your Garden with the Beautiful Foliage of Hostas

Enhance Your Garden with the Beautiful Foliage of Hostas

By Published July 27, 2019 Updated June 27, 2022

It’s no secret that Hostas are a garden staple and have been for many years. Some modern gardeners have recently shifted toward a preference that less plants is better and easier, but we believe the opposite…biodiversity is better.. Since 1950 when Hosta ‘Honeybells’ were introduced into the gardening market, a plethora of hosta hybrids have been created, and continue to be created, even to this day.

Hosta plants do the best and produce the most attractive foliage when they are situated in a garden that receives only a small amount of sunlight. They prefer shadier areas, but they do like to receive some morning sun each day. There are several hostas cultivars, however, that can thrive in only light shade as well. For best success, plant your hostas in an area where they can receive some sunlight in the morning hours and rest in the shade during the afternoon heat. 

There are nearly endless possibilities when deciding on companion plants for hostas. We recommend trying out any number of shade plants or ornamental grasses for shade.

At Plant Delights Nursery, we specialize in hostas plants, and we can match you up with the perfect hosta hybrid that is exactly what you’re looking for. We will evaluate your growing zone, the amount of sunlight and shade in your garden area, and your personal preferences to answer any question you have about creating the perfect gardening blueprint that you desire. To learn more about why we are the Hosta experts, give us a call or visit our website today!

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