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Add Heuchera Coral Bells to Create a Stunning Landscape

Creating a beautiful landscape involves a number of choices starting with determining which plants will thrive in your region and which provide the colors and textures you desire in your garden. Heucheras or coral bells are great native perennial plants that provide colorful foliage as well as beautiful tiny bell-shaped flowers that come in a variety of colors including coral, pink and white. Heuchera foliage comes in a wide array of colors from silver tipped to green and even crimson.Coral bells can reach 12 inches in height and some may spread to 2 feet in width, providing a beautiful ground cover for landscaping.

Many gardeners choose coral bells for rock gardens and to line pathways. To create a color echo, consider adding contrasting textured perennials like ferns to your landscape. Coral Bells and ferns work well together and will give you a unique textural approach to your colorful landscape. Coral bells tolerate a few hours of full sunlight to partial shade and are excellent choices for planting zones 3 through 8. Caring for these heuchera plants is very easy as long as they are given good drainage in the garden. Coral bells can be used as an edger for garden borders, as ground cover for berms or simply plant them in the center of your garden area for a splash of color throughout the summer.

Perennial plants like coral bells are excellent choices when designing an outdoor garden. Heuchera are evergreen and they will return year after year to give you a beautiful garden area. Hostas and elephant ears are a few other popular perennial plants adding beautiful foliage to your landscape while flowering plants such as coral bells and butterfly bushes give you blooms in spring and summer. Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. offers a number of quality perennial plants from which you can choose. We supply many gardeners with beautiful plants to help them build their dream gardens.

We have trialed a number of coral bells in order to provide our customers with the best performers available. You can visit our gardens on Open Nursery and Garden Days to view our collection and see which plants are our absolute favorites. Coral bells add a complete season of colorful design to any landscape. For more information on these or other perennial plants, browse our website. For help in choosing the right perennials for your gardening needs, contact us directly at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.