Hardy Banana Tree Plants for the Garden

Hardy Banana Tree Plants for the Garden

By Published October 08, 2014 Updated June 08, 2022

If you are searching for Banana tree plants, like Musa basjoo, Plant Delights Nursery offers them for sale on-line. Contrary to popular opinion, banana trees are not only for tropical areas. Musa basjoo can be grown in many hardiness zones throughout the U.S. and will add beautiful lush foliage to your perennial garden. You can also grow a banana tree like Musa basjoo in a container provided you give them enough room to grow, preferably at least a 10 gallon container or larger. Banana plants tend to grow large rather quickly. In the ground, banana trees can be planted in areas with full sunlight where they will add a tropical flare to any landscaping theme.

An ornamental Banana tree is related to other tropical plants like the Bird-of-Paradise and the Canna Lily. There are three different genera of banana in the Musaceae family. These are the Ensete, Musa and Musella. Most banana plants need warm weather in order to thrive. Planting banana plants next to buildings or asphalt driveways will help provide a little extra heat during the colder months. When planting your hardy banana tree, it is important that you choose an area that is somewhat protected by wind as heavy winds can cause the leaves of a banana plant to tear, although this will not damage the health of the plant

Banana trees are perennial plants that will give you beauty year after year, provided you care for them properly. At Plant Delights Nursery, we provide a wide variety of perennials and have information on our website that will help you to better care for your plants to ensure that you have a beautiful garden every year. You can order banana plants like Musa basjoo and other tropical-looking perennials and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Plant Delights Nursery offers onsite plant sales as well as plants mail order or you can visit us during one of our Open House Days and take a look at the various banana plants we have available in person.

If you are looking to add a tropical plant touch to your garden or you want a unique exotic plant for your home or patio, our banana tree plants are an excellent choice. We can provide exotic plants that will allow you to assemble a beautiful landscaped area with any of our perennials. Whether you are looking for colorful flowers or tropical foliage like banana plants, we offer many plants and flowers that will enable you to have a unique garden. Feel free to read more about our banana plants and other exotic plants on our website or contact us directly at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. today.

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