No shade? Try Full Sun Flowers and other Plants for Sun

No shade? Try Full Sun Flowers and other Plants for Sun

By Published May 21, 2015 Updated June 21, 2022

Are you short on shade? Does your yard get more sun than a nudist sunbathing on Mercury in august? Plant Delights Nursery can help, not with spf 1,000,000 sunscreen but with great plants for sun. We offer a large selection of full sun perennials, many are also heat tolerant and can withstand full sun even here in the south, which sometimes feels like mercury. But your yard doesn’t have to look as scorched and lifeless as mercury, when you buy plants for sun from Plant Delights Nursery.

Echinaceas (cone flowers), Buddleias (Butterfly bush), and most Irises are all great full sun flowers. These groups all have a large number of varieties and colors to choose from. We even offer rare species and unusual cultivars of these flowering plants for sun. While these may be familiar, we also offer full sun flowers almost as alien as mercury, that can with stand conditions almost as harsh. We sometimes offer an extra-large Venus fly trap, Dionaea muscipula 'King Henry'; but it wouldn’t like Mercury or Venus as these plants for sun like wet conditions. The zephyranthes can withstand harsh conditions like heat, sun, and drought. What makes these beautiful full sun flowers alien is the way they suddenly bloom in mass upon rainfall. You can imagine it raining on mercury or mars for the first time in a million years and seeing the barren surface bloom with rain lilies.

If you want add a little shade to your yard we offer some great hard to find plants for sun that will get big enough to add shade. Ilex 'Whoa Nellie' is a great gold leafed holly that will reach 15 feet tall. It can add shade and a stunning focus to your yard. Eucalyptus neglecta is one of the hardiest eucalyptus available, adding a little piece of Australia to your yard. This fast growing tree is a quick and beautiful way to add shade, reaching 30 feet in 10 years. Another great tree for quick shade is Ficus afghanistanica 'Silver Lyre'. This gorgeous fig with ornately cut silver leaves can reach 20 feet tall and 10 wide. Ours reached over 8 x 8 feet in 2 years.

The diverse and wondrous plants available for full sun are numerous. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to go to mercury or mars to get great and unusual plants for full sun. You can get them and many others sent to you by ordering from Plant Delights Nursery.

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