Choosing the Best Shade Perennials for the Woodland Garden

Choosing the Best Shade Perennials for the Woodland Garden

By Published October 28, 2013 Updated June 28, 2022

Choosing shade plants for your garden may seem like a difficult task. After all, you want to know that the plants you choose will perform well in your specific growing area and give you many years of beauty. Perennial plants from Plant Delights Nursery give you both. Our plants are chosen only after we have subjected them to our own trials and yes, killed many of them. Why do we only sell perennials? Because perennials can be planted once and then enjoyed for many years afterward. We strive to offer a number of beautiful perennials that are perfect for an array of growing conditions, sun, and USDA hardiness zones. 

If you have areas that get less than 6 hours of sunlight every day, plants for part-sun or shade are perfect. Hostas are one of the most popular shade perennials and will grow in areas that offer very little direct sun every day. Areas around porches, decking, or on the north or east side of a building, are also great choices for shade plants such as helleborus. From beautiful blooms to impressive variegated foliate, we have shade and part-sun plants that will fit most any shade or woodland garden.

Plant Delights Nursery provides a number of plants that will grow in shaded areas as well as those that require sunlight. We can help you to determine which perennials are best for your landscaping needs by determining how much direct sunlight each area of your garden offers. We offer information about various plants and the areas where they will perform best. If you are unsure of your hardiness zone, we can help you to determine that as well. Feel free to read more about our perennial plants and flowers on our website or contact us directly at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. today.

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