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Since 1988, THE source for buying native, rare, and unique perennials.

Buy Unique Plants from our Online Mail Order Nursery

The wonders of the plant world are all around you. The unique plants hidden in the distant or little searched places of the world are numerous, waiting to be found. From carnivorous plants to those that attract pollinators by mimicking carrion, the wonders of the botanical world never cease to amaze. The easiest way to see these wonders yourself is to order them from our mail order nursery. Plant Delights Nursery is a great way to see and own the unusual and unique plants of the world. It helps if you read this in your head as if Richard Attenborough or Morgan Freeman were narrating.

At this mail order nursery you can see the plant lover working in his native habitat. The care he takes while working with unique plants is impressive. The euphoric look on the on the face of the esoteric nurseryman is priceless. Perhaps this is a rare specimen he collected or obtained from a breeder. We can expect this mail order nursery to propagate this unique plant and ship it throughout the world. Plant Delights Nursery differs from the typical mail order nursery; it functions in symbiosis with a botanical garden, Juniper Level Botanic Garden. This combination is able to provide rare and unique plants, through research and collaboration with explorers, breeders, and other nurseries and gardens.

One can see the sheer diversity available at the mail order nursery. Unique plants from all over the world fill the greenhouses. Care should be taken when the Amorphophallus are blooming. These unusual and surprisingly beautiful plants mimic the colors and smell of rotting flesh in order to attract flies and carrion beetles as pollinators. The smell can be overwhelming. The staff must endure the smell as Plant Delights Nursery carries a large selection of these hard to find plants. These odiferous oddities are for sale alongside graceful ladyslipper orchids and many other unusual plants.

But horrid smells are not the only hardship for the nursery. The exchange of plants and money must continue to ensure its survival. You the gardening consumer needs to purchase rare plants from Plant Delights Nursery. Few places offer such an extensive and diverse selection of plants for sell, so please buy plants to ensure Plant Delights Nursery will continue to exist and bring joy to plant lovers.