How and When to Buy Perennials Online from Plant Nurseries

How and When to Buy Perennials Online from Plant Nurseries

By Published May 27, 2014 Updated June 27, 2022

Gardening can be fun and exciting but, like many things in life, we often ignore the instructions and end up with a bulb that doesn’t sprout or a cake that doesn't rise. They both end up as mush and I don't recommend eating either. You can buy perennials online and have a rewarding experience but it's good to keep a few things in mind. When you order from plant nurseries and where you live do matter. A good rule of thumb when you buy perennials online is to order from plant nurseries before their active growing season but not in conditions that are harsh to the plant.

Some plant nurseries try to do this but the best course of action is for a consumer to plan this themselves. It can be hard. We plant people see something we like, get excited, and want it now. But we don’t take the survival of the plant into consideration and, to use a cliché, the best consumer is an educated consumer. At Plant Delights we research and compile detailed information to help the consumer become as educated as possible when buying perennials online.

Knowing about the plants is important when you buy perennials online. Spring growers are best planted in fall, while summer growers and tropicals are best planted in spring before growth has started but after all danger of frost has past. Some summer growers, like Amorphophallus, are completely dormant until summer. They are easiest to ship and plant while dormant. Come summer, the dormant tuber you receive will quickly become a full-sized plant. Other plants, like hardy cyclamen, are summer dormant and best planted in spring or fall. Cyclamen can rot if kept too wet during winter.

If you live in Minnesota your plants will ship later in the spring than plants shipping to someone in Florida due to the delay in the arrival of warm temperatures. So order your plants early to be sure you get what you want, but also be sure to know the best time for you and the plant. Consult our informative website when deciding what plants to buy, then buy perennials online from Plant Delights Nursery.

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