Ferns and Hostas for the Perennial Shade Garden

Ferns and Hostas for the Perennial Shade Garden

By Published September 22, 2016 Updated November 23, 2022

Perennial gardens give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful plants every year after planting only once. If you have a perennial garden that is in part-sun to light-shade, ferns and hostas are a great choice for adding texture. Hostas also produce beautiful flowers that bloom anytime from June through September, depending on the species.

Ferns and Hostas

Ferns make excellent companions for hosta plants because many will thrive in conditions similar to those of hostas. Hostas are considered shade plants because they do not require direct sunlight in order to thrive. Most ferns also thrive in these conditions and will make beautiful additions to your woodland shade garden. The wide variety of hostas on the market today have only increased the versatility of these amazing perennials. In addition to making excellent companion plants for ferns, they also make great container plants. For some great native ferns, checkout those from the genus Adiantum.

Plants for shade are good choices for areas that surround homes and fences. You can plant them by porches, decks or trees and expect them to thrive very well. We also offer plants that require full sunlight. The butterfly bush is a popular choice. This plant needs sunlight every day and when cared for properly will reward you with an abundance of butterflies when it blooms. Whether you are planting a full garden or you simply need a few plants for a small area, we are sure to have the right perennials for your gardening needs.

Creating the Perfect Fern and Hosta Garden

Both ferns and hostas make great shade plants and the lacy texture of ferns contrasts with the wider and often variegated leaves of hostas. When planted together, the dense foliage creates a tropical feel. Try planting them together along a border or on the top of a stone wall to soften the edges. Both hostas and ferns can be planted en masse to create a striking effect. Try alternating variegated hosta varieties with non-variegated to draw the eye across the landscape of the garden.

Ferns and hostas are great but don't forget to include other perennials with intriquing foliage and colorful flowers that peak at different times of the year. Anyone can make a garden look great in the spring but it takes a true master to have a garden with interest all year-round. In nature, hostas can often be found with daylillies and many varieties perform suprisingly well in part-sun conditions. Hellebores are late-winter flowering woodland plants that are great to fill in spots between your other perennials and they bloom at a time when most non-evergreen plants are dormant. Jack-in-the-pulpit is another interesting woodland perennial that produces colorful pitcher-shaped flowers.

Plant Delights has a wide selection of ferns and hostas for sale as well as other perennial flowers and plants. We have tropical plants such as the banana tree and others that will make your garden unique and native plants that are indigenous to the U.S. All of our plants are excellent performers when planted and maintained properly, and will increase the beauty of any garden area. We hope you will browse our website and see for yourself the variety of perennials that we offer for sale. You can also visit us in person during our Open House Days or contact us directly at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. for assistance in choosing the right perennials for your gardening needs.

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