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Butterfly Bushes from Plant Delights Add Color to Any Garden

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Many people love when butterflies first arrive in the spring. Avid gardeners will plant specific perennials that draw butterflies in so that they can enjoy their beauty. Plant Delights Nursery offers butterfly bushes that will coax butterflies into your garden every spring. Our butterfly bushes provide lovely flowers that have a fragrance that butterflies simply cannot resist. Planting these bushes in your garden will ensure that you have beautiful butterflies to greet you early every summer. We offer a variety of perennials that compliment butterfly bushes as well and will enable you to plant a garden filled with lovely flowers and foliage.

Your butterfly bush will need to be planted in direct sunlight. If you are looking to fill in shaded areas, we offer a variety of plants that will thrive in only partial sunlight as well. If you are unsure which perennial plants will thrive in your specific growing zone, our staff can help. Our staff are knowledgeable about all of our plants and can help you to determine which ones will thrive in your climate. We offer many very special perennials through mail order and invite you to visit us at any time during our Open House Days where you can view all of our plants for sale in person.

If you love butterflies, we can help you to draw them to your garden every year. Feel free to read more about our selection of butterfly bushes by visiting our website or contact us directly at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. for more information today.