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Bring Your Garden to Life with a Butterfly Bush from Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.

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Butterflies are often the first signs of the arrival of spring. Many gardeners simply adore the day when butterflies begin fluttering around their flowers and foliage. If you want to capture the joy of potentially seeing multiple butterflies in your garden, a butterfly bush is an absolute must. A butterfly bush is a woody shrub that features colorful flowers and a often a wonderful fragrance. These bushes are known to attract butterflies wherever planted. Butterfly bushes make wonderful additions to any garden and work perfectly with many other perennials to give you a wonderful garden filled with beautiful colors.

Plant Delights Nursery offers a wide selection of perennial plants that will enable you to make your garden unique. We provide a number of butterfly bushes that will allow you to capture the beauty of these graceful creatures. We grow and test a variety of butterfly bush plants and currently cultivate 65 different cultivars in our gardens. When you choose Plant Delights Nursery, you can be sure that you will receive only the highest quality plants on the market today. While a butterfly bush can make a great addition to just about any garden, it should be noted that many varieties of the butterfly bush do require maintenance- specifically a annual pruning each spring.

At Plant Delights Nursery, We offer a host of information regarding shade plants, perennials, as well as a long list of other varieties. At our Juniper Level Botanic Gardens, you will find five acres that contain more than 17,000 plants from woody to perennial and many in between. We are a member of the American Public Gardens Association and use our botanical garden for both a display and a research and development facility. We work to ensure that gardeners have the most updated and correct information regarding plants so that they can create healthy and thriving gardens.

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about the plants that we offer. Unsure of the type of plants which are best fit for your garden? Contact us directly and we can help you to determine which plants will best suit your needs regarding color, foliage and planting zone. We offer articles and other information about all of the plants that we provide. Whether you are interested in butterfly bushes or you prefer a more exotic approach to gardening, we will provide you with the highest quality plants available to help you build the garden of your dreams.