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Buddleia Butterfly Bush

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Plant Delights Nursery always has a nice selection of butterfly bush plants (Buddleia davidii and others) for sale. Our Buddleia selections include all of the typical flower colors: white, yellow, pink, magenta, purple, blue but also includes butterfly bushes with cool variegated foliage and dwarf butterfly bushes that can be used in containers, at the front of the border, or even as a groundcover.

As the name hints, Buddleia davidii attracts tremendous numbers of butterflies and hummingbirds that flock to the flowers. In fact buddleia specimens are always at the top of the list of plants to grow in a butterfly garden. As a bonus, butterfly bushes are deer-resistant too.

The flowers are not only colorful and attractive, but they usually have a nice fragrance too. Try planting buddleia along a path or near a window in order to enjoy the scent. The cut flowers do not last very long in a vase, but butterfly bushes produce so many of them, that you could easily cut fresh blooms every day for summer floral arrangements. We like to plant buddleia along side other butterfly attracting plants like asclepias, aster, hibiscus, amorpha, baptisia, salvia and helianthus to create a feeding frenzy amongst the lepidopterans.

Due to an anachronistic alternative spelling, the brittish spell 'buddleia' as 'buddleja' but pronounce the 'j' as an 'i' so it all evens out. At least they still spell 'butterfly' correctly so lets all just call it 'butterfly bush' so we can get along. No matter how you spell it or pronounce it, buddleia was named after a brittish botanist by the name of Adam Buddle.

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