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Welcome to Plant Delights Nursery at Juniper Level Botanic Gardens. We are a private research and display botanic garden located near Raleigh, North Carolina (USDA Hardiness Zone 7b). Our retail mail order division allows us to make the best perennials from our trials available to gardeners around the world, some of which were developed here, some from our plant explorations, and others from breeders around the world. Between 1988 and 2010, Plant Delights Nursery introduced over 500 new perennial plants to US horticulture. In 2002, we were honored to be recognized by the American Horticulture Society for our lifetime of work in commercial horticulture. This image gallery is but a sampling of the great perennial plants available for gardeners around the world. We do not carry all plants pictured at any one time, but since our mission is to educate and inspire, we hope these images and the linked articles below will expand your garden horizons and interest. You will find an array of other interesting information and fascinating perennials throughout our website...thank you for taking time to visit.

Why should I order plants from an online plant nursery? Ordering plants by mail order is a great way to get the latest introductions from plant breeders and if you are looking for rare and unusual perennials for your garden you can find an online plant nursery specializing in a broad selection of esoteric plants rarely if ever found at garden centers. Mail order nurseries offer the convenience of ordering from your home computer -- not running around from store to store trying to locate a cultivar recently featured in your favorite garden magazine or TV gardening show. Online plant nurseries are open 24 hours a day and the nurseries plants are shipped to your door, carefully packed, often with easily compostable materials.

How do I find a nursery that sells the plants I want? Start with an online search using the botanic name (best and most precise method) or common name of the plant you are seeking. Most reputable nurseries offer their plants by botanic name to avoid confusion since many plants may carry the same common name. Many plant nursery websites contain a wealth of cultural information about growing perennials and other garden plants with suggestions for companion plants. Mail order nurseries can offer a wide selection of varieties for you to compare and choose from. Online nurseries often ship at the appropriate time for you to plant or can help you to determine when you should plant.

If you have questions, many sites offer ways to contact them for further info -- live chat, email, or a customer service hotline. Before ordering, make sure you know what size the plants you are purchasing will be and become familiar with the guarantee and replacement policy of the online plant nursery.

How do I order once I decide? If ordering online, you may be asked to set up an account with a password. Prompts will guide you through the ordering process. If you do not wish to share your information online you can usually find a printable order form you can use to mail in your order, enclosing a check or your credit card information for payment. Be aware of the shipping rates and carriers, which vary from one mail order nursery to another. You will usually find ordering information posted on their website if you have questions or you can contact the online plant nursery for inventory availability and help figuring fees and applicable taxes.

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