Bear Grass

Bear Grass

A Drought Resistant Perennial for the Sun Garden

By Published August 22, 2017 Updated June 22, 2022

Nolina (Bear grass) is a deer resistant, sun-loving yucca relative (without the spines). It prefers full sun and is a drought resistant plant as it is native to the American Southwest. Since it is an evergreen, it is great in the winter garden to provide some color foliage.

Nolina lindheimeriana (Lindheimer's Bear Grass) is a Texas native growing to about 3' and has blooms of tiny white flowers in late spring. Like most bear grass, it is drought tolerant once established. It is named after Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer (1801-1879), often called the Father of Texas botany due to his work as the first permanent-resident plant collector in Texas. Nolina lindheimeriana resembles a large clump of grass in open areas and in light shade on limestone slopes and cliffs.

Nolina longifloia (Long Foliage Bear Grass) can grow to 12' and is a drought resistant plant native to Mexico. As it grows, it forms a thick trunk, becoming quite the garden specimen. It forms a large bulb at the base of the trunk and begins to branch as it ages. The foliage sprouts from the top of the trunk (like a mop head) and the long, strap-shaped foliage hangs down to almost cover the trunk.

Nolina longifloia (Long Foliage Bear Grass) is another Mexican native. Mature specimens resemble giant ponytail palms with silvery blue-green, grass-like foliage. It, too, is a drought resistant plant that, when mature, blooms with thousands of tiny, white flowers. A perfect plant for xeriscaping, it grows in full sunlight in the garden or makes a stunning accent plant in a container. It reaches its greatest height and width after several years of growth.

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