Add an Agave Plant to Make Your Garden Distinct

Add an Agave Plant to Make Your Garden Distinct

By Published July 15, 2016 Updated June 15, 2022

If you are looking for a way to make your landscaping unique there are a number of different plants that you can use. The agave plant is a beautiful and very interesting plant that is indigenous to the Southwestern region of the United States and the deserts of Mexico. Agave is actually related to hosta, and not at all related to cactus, despite having spines on the leaf tips. Agave plants are perennials, which form rosettes of beautiful thick leaves. The colors of the leaves can range from dusty blue to cream and yellow and a variety of different hues in between.

Adding an agave plant to your garden area will add a southwest theme to your garden. Some agave plants can grow as high as 12’ wide and 6’ tall or grow to only a few inches high. They have a winter hardiness range that allows different species to thrive in zones from 5 through 10, so choose according to where you garden. Many who love the look of the agave plant choose to grow them in pots or planters as opposed to directly in soil so that they can be taken inside during the colder winter months. Consider pairing your agave plants with beautiful elephant ears to give your garden a wonderful, dramatic look.

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. offers a number of exotic and unique plantsthat will enable you to completely customize your summer garden or home. From our lovely pitcher plants to agaves and elephant ears, we can help you to create a stunning garden area. We provide a wide variety of perennial plants and flowers as well as informative articles and tips on growing and successfully cultivating your plants. Agave plants respond well when watered and fertilized well during the summer. We offer a number of thriving and well-performing agaves and other perennials.

You can visit our nurseries during Open House Days or simply browse our website to learn more about the variety of unique plants that we carry. Read our informative articles and insights on how to properly care for and cultivate your plants and feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. Plant Delights offers a wide variety of plants that are normally hard to find and those that were originally only available in more expensive markets. Browse our selection of beautiful perennials today and make your garden area truly unique.

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