A Hosta (Plantain Lily) is a Great Choice for Beginning Gardeners

A Hosta (Plantain Lily) is a Great Choice for Beginning Gardeners

By Published June 05, 2019 Updated September 28, 2022

'Liberty', 'Blue Angel', 'Sum and Substance', 'Sagae', 'June', 'Regal Splendor' no, these are not the names of race horses in the next Kentucky derby but are the names of other beautiful creatures, a perennial plant known as hostas or plantain lily. The plantain lily hosta is known for its exquisite foliage and there are many species to choose from including fragrant hosta. Indeed, plantain lily hostas have a great deal to offer, especially for gardening beginners.

Gardening may not be rocket science, but in order to have plants and flowers that survive and thrive, a great deal of care, diligence, and good old fashioned hard work may be needed. This is especially true if the plants selected include those which are particularly difficult to grow under your environmental conditions. If you’re short on time, there are perennial plants whose varieties are beautiful and do not require the kind of care needed as in other perennial plants. Hostas or plantain lilies have proven to be a low maintenance plant for gardening enthusiasts the world over.

Plantain Lily vs. Hosta

Plantain lily is the common name for the genus Hosta but you may occasionally hear someone refer to them as hosta lilies. Common names are just what you would think, names that are commonly used for a genus of plants. Once you start learning more about plants, and perennials in particular, it becomes necessary to start learning the botanical names of plants so that you can find the most accurate information concerning light, water, and soil requirements as these can be quite different for species that share the same common name. Botanical names are binomial which means they consist of two words. The first word will refer to the plants genus while the second word refers to the species. For example, Hosta plantaginea is the botanical name for the popular Chinese species of hosta known for its fragrant white flowers.

Caring for Plantain Lily (Hosta)

Although plantain lily hostas require a generous amount of moisture, little other care is generally needed once the hosta is planted. Since plantain lily hostas are shade plants, they will not require a great amount of sunlight. Although some soil preparation will be required for best hosta growth, gardeners who have grown hostas will find that the amount of time tending them will be far less than the time spent simply admiring their beautiful leaves, flowers, and in some cases fragrance of the hosta flowers.

Whether you are a gardening newcomer or have a great deal of experiencing with gardening, you will likely be impressed by the beauty provided by plantain lily hosta. No matter whether you prefer 'June', 'Sum and Substance', 'Sagae', or perhaps another of the myriad of hostas for sale, you’ll surely not be disappointed!

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