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Dionaea muscipula 'Cupped Trap'

Cupped Trap Venus Fly Trap

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Item #: 9258

Zones: 5a to 9b

Height: 2" tall

Culture: Sun to Part Sun ?

Origin: United States

Pot Size: 2.5" pot (7.9 fl. oz/233 ml) ?

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(aka: Dionaea 'Cup Trap') Dionaea 'Cupped Trap' is a most unusual form of our native Venus fly trap, that occurred as a tissue culture mutation at Florida's Agristarts III lab. The name Dionaea 'Cupped Trap' was subsequently registered by Florida's Steven Stuart in 2003. The bright red-centered traps are fused on the top end, causing the traps to form more of a rounded cup than normal, although this mutation has no effect on its insect catching ability. This odd mutation also offsets much faster than normal and subsequently the individual plantlets never get very large. Because of its small size, Dionaea 'Cupped Trap' is best grown in a container of straight peat moss that's kept moist from the bottom, although it's certainly as winter hardy as the straight Venus fly trap species.