Welcome To Plant Delights Nursery at Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Balduina atropurpurea Irwin Co, GA


Established in 1986, Plant Delights Nursery Inc. is a family-owned and operated, on-line/brick and mortar, retail mail-order plant nursery in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in perennial plants, new and exotic plants, American native plants, and rare plants from around the world.

Plant Delights Nursery, the retail division of Juniper Level Botanic Garden, publishes a color plant catalog twice per year (January and August) and maintains an extensive website where gardeners around the world purchase high quality perennial plants on-line.

Juniper Level Botanic Garden is a private research and display botanic garden whose role is to preserve genetic germplasm through ex-situ conservation, to conduct scientific and taxonomic research, plant breeding, and then propagate the resulting plants, making them widely available.

We encourage you to visit Plant Delights Nursery and Juniper Level Botanic Garden on one of our eight open to the public weekends during the year, where you will actually see more than 27,000 different types of plants growing in the gardens while learning from our expert gardening staff how to succeed in your own garden. We welcome you, whether you are a local novice gardener or a master plantsman from another part of the world.

Plant Introduction Program

For years, we have worked with other plant breeders and explorers from around the world to introduce and market their new plants. If we can be of help to you, feel free to give us a call. We require a trial period for new plants before including them in the catalog...please understand that this is not always a quick process. Our website details a list of cool perennials that we have either introduced or facilitated their introduction into the market.