Restaurants and Hotels near Plant Delights Nursery

Near the Nursery

Plant Delights Nursery is 'out in the country' a little bit and there are no restaurants or hotels that are truly 'close'. Within 10 miles, though, are some major crossroads that have typical fast food and chain eateries as well as several hotels. These include :

  • The Ten-Ten Road/Highway 401 intersection (10 minutes Northwest)
  • The Highway 42/Highway 40 intersection (10 minutes Southeast)
  • The section of highway 70 from the highway 401 split to highway 40 (15 minutes North)

Here is a google map of restaurants near Plant Delights.

Out on the Town

Many of our out of town visitors often like to explore Raleigh while they are here. We like to point them to Raleigh's vibrant downtown restaurant/shopping scene in a revitalized and trendy neighborhood called Glenwood South, which is about 12 miles north of us.