Request a Visit to Juniper Level Botanic Garden and Plant Delights Nursery

Image of the entrance drive to Juniper Level Botanic Garden.Image of the shade garden at Juniper Level Botanic Garden.

Visits and tours should be scheduled in advance except during our Open Nursery & Garden weekends.

Established in 1986, Juniper Level Botanic Garden, JLBG, is a 28-acre not-for-profit private research and botanic garden with over 28,000 different plants. JLBG's mission focuses on ex-situ plant conservation, research, education, breeding, propagation, and plant distribution.

With 10 acres of display gardens, JLBG promotes botanical diversity along with proper plant placement, spacing and soil preparation to eliminate plants stresses. Plant combinations using color, texture and form to accent each plant's best characteristics creates aesthetic views in the garden during each season of the year. Explore the magic of Juniper Level Botanic Garden!

Please review the Visitation Guidelines and Garden Etiquette and select an option below. 

Visitation Guidelines:

  • Normal operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm, by appointment
  • Free parking is available on the property (includes handicap spaces)
  • There is no admission fee for Juniper Level Botanic Garden
  • Most of the Nursery and Garden are handicap accessible
  • Pets are not permitted in the Garden, except for service animals
  • When visiting the Garden between January 1 and May 31, there are no on-site sales allowed. You may place an online order ahead of time and schedule it for pick up during your visit.
  • When visiting the Garden after June 1, shopping is permitted during normal operating hours.
  • We provide portable restroom facilities for our Garden and Nursery visitors, although we promise that they will not be portable while being used.
  • Vending machines are available with a variety of soft drinks, fruit drinks, and water. We do not have food on-site, except scheduled Local Food Trucks during our Open Nursery & Garden events.

Map and Directions

Garden Etiquette:

  • Please gently touch, feel, and smell the plants, if you like.
  • Walk on the garden paths only. Stepping into the beds often spells death for small and very rare plants.
  • Please sit and relax in the garden and use the chairs, decks, and other seating provided.
  • Please, no running or unattended kids in the garden. This is not a playground and rare plants are often killed by poorly supervised children.
  • Staff will assist with plant identification as necessary.
  • Please do not take cuttings or seeds from the Garden. We often wait years for some seeds to appear. Please ask if you would like to receive a cutting or seeds since we are often able to share plants that we don't have propagated for sale. 

We would like to do the following on our visit:

  • Self-guided tour of Juniper Level Botanic Garden
  • Shop Plant Delights Nursery sales greenhouses (after June 1)
  • Guided tour of Juniper Level Botanic Garden (10 person minimum) - Complete the form below
  • Guided tour of nursery and greenhouse operations (professional industry groups only) - Complete the form below

Open Nursery and Garden Days (no appointment necessary)

We have four open nursery and garden events each year. Our open sale days are limited to eight weekends per year, two each in winter (Feb/March), spring (May), summer (July) and fall (September). During the open nursery and garden days, anyone may visit during the posted hours without an appointment. You will be able to stroll through the gardens, shop til-you-drop, and ask questions of our expert staff.

Open Nursery and Garden Dates

    Visitor Scheduling Classifications

    To assist in managing your time while you visit with us, we prepared the following guide:

    Gardeners who likes pretty flowers 30–60 minutes depending on weather
    Gardeners with ADHD children or impatient spouse 45–60 minutes, forget shopping
    Garden club members who don't use those pesky Latin names 60–90 minutes including shopping
    Gardeners with patient children or spouse (leashed or garden-trained) 75–90 minutes, quick shopping
    Beginning master gardeners 1.5–2 hours including shopping
    Advanced master gardeners or equivalent, wholesale nurserymen 2–3 hours including shopping
    Plantsmen/women, specialty nursery staff 3–5 hours including shopping
    Plant nerds with no social life 3–10 hours not including shopping
    Professional garden photographers 24–48 hours


    Group visits or Guided tours (10 or more persons):

    •  There is no charge for garden tours, but we ask groups to remember our botanic garden (staff included) is funded by sales from the nursery at the rate of 15% of gross sales.
    • Please understand it takes staff time to arrange your visit, show you the gardens, and answer plant questions. So, if you feel your tour was worth $300, then a $2,000 group purchase of plants would ensure that $300 (15% of gross sales) goes to maintain, preserve, and support our research at the botanic garden.
    • You can also support JLBG directly by donating to the endowment fund. Click here to learn more.
    • Group tours usually include a staff introduction, a brief walk if time permits, garden maps, and a catalog.

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