Mail - Glowing Testimonial Letters

Cypripedium x ventricosum

I just unpacked my new Agave titanota 'X-Rays.' What a gorgeous, healthy and huge plant (with 3 plantlets.) Any one of the plantlets would probably have cost as much on E-bay as I paid for the mother plant and 3 plantlets. Well worth waiting for Plant Delights to release a new crop! N.S. Online Review, 8/2021
We recently bought two Begonia Grandis plants. They arrived on time, very well packaged and healthy looking. I planted them into pots immediately and they have doubled in size already and are starting to bloom. We are very happy customers. A.J. Online Review, 7/2021

The order arrived in EXCELLENT condition and the packaging is excellent as no damage occurred or could. this is the most secure packaging that I have seen! I am looking forward to when King Henry Venus Flytraps are in stock again!
G.O. via email, 9/2019

Hello, Plant Delights--
I am about halfway through the new catalog, marking as I go, but I had to get up from my chair and walk around to stop laughing from reading the copy. Pig Butt Arum? Viagara Lily? Surely you jest! Whichever one of you is writing is waaayyyy too talented only to write for an annual catalog. Please tell me that whoever it may be has a gardening column in a magazine somewhere. I shall now go and sign up for the newsletter. And when I finish reading the catalog and sell some stock in order to put that investment into the ground here in Asheville, I'll be making an order. Count on it. Any good plant catalog can show off cool photographs; yours is the only one to compete with Jon Stewart. WELL DONE!
A.L. via email, 1/2015

It’s been while since I’ve ordered from you guys, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re head and heels above other online (including eBay) nurseries. I love the brown paper mesh wrapping and the recycled paper soil stuffing. I’ve never had any packing issues with anything I’ve ever ordered from you, going back at least ten years or so. (I can’t say I’ve never lost plants from you, but that’s because I tend to go to you for “ambitious” plants for my zone/microclimate.) Thanks for the care your shipping guys take with your babies.
K.A. Washington, DC 6/2014

I did an experiment this year, most of my ordering was from the Top 30 of Dave’s Garden Watchdog, a list of the highest rated on-line plant sellers. Not ONE of them came close to delivering the size and quality of plants I received from you. One hosta you sent would have taken up the front seat or floor board of a moderate sized car; from White Flower Farm (also not on the Top 30), I received 3 tiny squares of soil, one with a plant poking out of it—all three could have gone beside the mustard jar in the fridge without moving a thing. The price? Exactly the same. Not one of the highest rated sources came close either. Thanks for your hard work and excellent quality. You can count on me for plenty of future orders.
R.T. via email 5/13/2014

My order just arrived. It’s Saturday, and Fed Ex brought them to my door. If you had used UPS or USPS, they would have sat somewhere – too warm, too cold – till Monday! And I have never received plants packed so carefully and beautifully. Everything looks healthy, and I can’t wait to plant them. I am a seasoned gardener, and my son is a nurseryman, so when I send “Kudos!”, it’s an event! Thank you so much.
A.G. 4/19/2012

Dear Plant Delights:
The weather is cold. I have a cold. I am in desperate need of your new catalog to cheer me up. Please send it soon, or I shall be forced to commit suicide by eating tons of cholesterol filled foods. Your plant addicted consumer.
A.H. in SeaTac, WA 12.2013

Hi there.....
Wanted to say thank you for the stuff!!! It looks great, and is up to me now, haha. I was particularly impressed with the packing of the plants. I'd be glad to return all the packing materials because it could be used again.....including the trainer/transport containers you know? It seems great care is put into the packaging process; compliments to those that do it.
J. B. 4.2012

Dear PDN:
Just a quick note to thank you. My order arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I've done business with you before a few years ago. Am happy to mention and recommend Plant Delights to my friends on Facebook who are looking for hardy palms. best regards,
A.T. via email 4.2012

Dear PDN
Just to let you know that my plants arrived today and they arrived in beautiful, green condition and not a single leaf was broken off. They were well packed in the pots and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the condition of the plants. If they don't thrive, it will be no ones fault but mine. I'm so thrilled with them and gave them as much TLC as I knew how to do. I got 2 of them in the ground today, roots spread out, soil soften up with a good water to all. I do hope they do well here; if so, I will be back for more. Thanks,
L.H. via email 3.2012

Dear PDN:
rec'd my shipmnt yesterday and just wanted to tell you guys that I love you. Everything I've odered from you has arrived in PERFECT condition. Thanks a million.
M. C. via email 3.2012

Dear Plant Delights:
Just wanted to let you know I received my 2 Butterfly Bushes Wed 21 Mar and set them out yesterday. They are just wonderful specimens! They arrived well packed and were just beautiful. They are just about the best plants I have ever received by shipping. There are 3 reasons I decided to try your nursery. You are a neighboring southern state: I have looked locally for 2 years for yellow butterfly bush: and your Cat Nursery page really sold me. We have rescue cats and figured if you liked cats you must be decent people.
J.M. in TN 3.2012

Plant Delights:
Thank you for you humor! Your comment in the Carex Divulsa got my attention regarding enviro-Nazi. I thought it might interest that the famous Red Wolf that has had so much attention over the last ten years or so also has an interesting lineage history. They have been re-introduce with much public human resource time, along with tax moneys and other public donations based on should I mention ( lies ) about the animal. Red Wolf it is not. 24% Grey Wolf and 76% Coyote genetics has been indicated by the most recent decoding! I had to give the nazi Park Service here a spanking over phragmites several years ago; over them calling it a European invasive species. It seems to be native over much of the US, in variety. It certainly is invasive and not a pleasant species. It goes on from there. That was their reason for bush hogging and burning annually by Us Fish and Wildlife the northern end of Hatteras Island making it vulnerable to erosion serving their crazy agenda. USfish administers the northern end of Hatteras Island. Their effort made the stronger phragmites even more competitive over the native marsh vegetation. Dumb and more dumb. The North end of Hatteras Island was covered with Southern Red Cedar and myrtle pre 74, and in 1974 their first year of USfish stewardship they burnt all that off. More dumb. Control and manipulation leads to being controlled and manipulated. The grass got them back and continues to increase. There is nothing left to shade it out. What is really dumb on my part is not having visited Plant Delights!
M.H. on the Outer Banks, NC 5.2012

Dear Plant Delights:
While perusing sites in search of evergreens to plant, I just happened to stumble upon your webpage. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so entertained! As a former teacher I must tell you that your item descriptions are not only very informative but so much FUN to read! Your descriptions certainly set your site apart...Well Done!
J.T. in SC 3.2012

Dear Plant Delights:
Hi this is Steve from Levittown pa. I received my shippement last week and I couldn’t be happier with them I cant wait till they start growing up and my house looks like the brazian rain forest. I hope you don’t mind but later in the season ill send some pics.once again thanks for the great plants,your shipping dept. deserves a big ( great job ) thanks again.
S.K. vial email 5.2012

I just wanted to write and say keep up the good work! I received my order yesterday and I don't think I've ever received mail-order plants in such good condition before! Even though they were shipped cross-country, everything looks vibrant and healthy. I was also pleasantly surprised by the size of the plants I received! I will definitely be recommending Plant Delights to others for mail order. Just wanted to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer! Sincerely,
J.T.E. in WA 5.2012

My goodness, what an awesome job you did on packing my plants for shipment. I just unwrapped each one and they were in outstanding condition. We have several local nurseries that I think are very good but I don't believe I have ever bought a plant from any of them that was not either root bound or somewhat stressed. The 5 plants I just received from you are in pristine condition and not the least bit stressed out from the journey. One of my cannas even has a bud. I can better appreciate your shipping cost and quality of your plants. Love your site, love your magazine and love your love of plants.
A very happy customer, Penny in FL 7.2012

Dear Plant Delights:
I got the plants and, as usual, they are beautiful! I am going to order some more of the spigelia! Thanks so much for changing the packaging as well. I hated the peanuts. The wrap keeps the plants and their soil together much better and is recyclable! Great job!
C.L. via email 7.2012

Dear Plant Delights:
You kids are the sh*t....thank you so much for the nicely-packed stuff.....& jeez, could you make the little dwarf hinoki cypress ANY cuter? Best plant people ever. . . thanks, T.C. via email 4.2011

Dear Plant Delights:
Thank you very much for my order. I received it PEFECTLY and could not have asked for it to be any better. I am greatly pleased with the professionalism of shipping and the quality of the plant once it arrives. I just now have got to see if I can get them to trive!! Thank you and will recommend you and I will order from you again. God Bless!! M.W. via email 4.2011

Dear PDN:
I received my shipment yesterday, much to my delight! I have NEVER received plants via shipment that look as wonderful and are as big as the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Hostas I received yesterday. Can't wait to get them in the ground. Thanks for exceeding my expectations!! R.B. via email 4.2011

Good Morning,
Yesterday, I received my order from Plant Delights!!!! The plants are amazing, and I am thrilled at the their condition and the quality of the specimens. Please accept my vote for the best mail-order nursery in the United States! Sincerely,
P. H. In Pittsburgh, PA 6.2011

Dear Plant Delights,
I came to your nursery because you offered peony obovata, but you had such lovely and unusual offerings I ended up with several other plants too. The order arrived very promplty and was packaged so carefully, the plants didn't even know they were shipped. I have received several other orders this Spring. One came from Oregon and was fine and another from Ohio was dead as a doornail upon arrival. They are replacing it, which is good. But Plant Delights takes top honors for careful, tenderly loving packaging. The paeonia obovata was the only plant that looked even slightly unhappy, but knowing its persnickety tastes, I was not surprised. It is carefully planted and it looked a bit happier this morning in a sunny spot on the edge of a small woodland. You will definitely be getting more orders from me.
A very happy customer,
D. L. via email 6.2011

Dear PDN:
Just received my first order from Plant Delights nursery. I rarely send responses but this is am exception. I was extremely impressed with the way each plant had been carefully wrapped and packaged. Be assured this will not be my last order! Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
R. H. via email 7.2011

Dear PDN
I received my order #3167845 and simply wanted to let you know how much I TRULY appreciate the healthy, robust plants that were shipped to me. Mail order is often a trust matter and I felt as though I'd purchased from Eden itself when I opened my boxes! Thank you so much and know that when I need plants for our 3 acres of gardens again in the future, I'll always consider Plant Delights Nursery first. You provide the same quality that I shop for when I'm physically in a nursery, choosing for my garden.
K.W. via email 7.2011

Dear Plant Delights:
I am happy to report to Dianne, the sales associate who took my order and the nursery packers that my 3 agapanthus plants just arrived in excellent shape. In spite of our 100° F temperature outside for the last few days, the plants and packing material were ALL actually cool to the touch. Please inform your nursery personnel that everything they did was superior and very effective. I am delighted.
J.M. via email 8.2011

Dear PDN,
Thank you for a well-executed delivery. Packing was excellent and the plants arrived looking well. I want to especially express my appreciation for your last minute change in my order. Very nimble! I remain impressed with your entire operation and the incredible range of plants you offer. Well done!
C. R. via email 8.2011

Hello Plant Delights:
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for these beautiful plants!!  I received them this afternoon, have just now finished unpacking them and was so amazed to find them to be in great shape, and much larger/more impressive than those I've received from other mail-order companies.
Just want to congratulate you on a first-class business, from your imaginative and humorous catalogue and website, your incredibly interesting repertoire of plants, lovely and patient customer service, to your highly superior product. I can't wait to get these beauties in the ground, as they will give an impressive display right from the first.
Now I am considering ordering a few more things from you before it gets too cold... how late in the season do you ship to zone 8?
Thanks again!
R. E. Via email 11.2011

Dear PDN:
Just wanted you to know that I look forward to the newsletters as much as I do the plants I ordered. I am sooo glad I discovered your nursery because the size and quality of the plants I receive from you compare to no other company. Thank you so much,
J.A. via email 11.2011

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.:
Just and quick note to let you know how impressed I was when I saw the sign of my plants!! Wow! Is exactly what I said!
Absolutely love your catalog! I seek out unusual plants so it’s really fun to browse your catalog. I’m guessing mail-order catalogs will no longer exist one of these days – sad – I do not own a computer and not plans to get one.
It’s also too bad the S/H has to be so high for us old-times (no fault of yours) but that’s life.
Thanks again for these wonderful plants! Sincerely, RB via letter 5.2011

Dear PDN:
Visited PDN today.
This is my third open house and it is getting way too predictable; Extremely helpful staff, great plant quality and value and unique selections I have found nowhere else. Bought more than I should, but this too is predictable. Loads of fun, thanks for your hospitality. Looking forward to next year.

C. H. via email 5.2011

I just received my plants from you for my spring planting and they are EXCEPTIONAL!! You are the BEST mail order nursery out there!! THANK YOU! I look forward to making more purchases from you in the future! THANKS AGAIN!!!
K.S.B. via email 5.2011

Hello PDN:
I am now one of your newest and biggest fans... both for your snarky wit (which I share) but also for the fabulous hostas you sell !! I am now down about $500 due to the hostas I have purchased from you but both shipments came, not only in an extremely timely fashion, but so healthy I was amazed !! I'll never purchase a perennial from any other nursery. Heck, your catalog is such fun reading it should be in hardcover and made into a coffee table book. S.T. 6.2010

Dear PDN:
Upon returning from the spring plant sale at Plant Delights, my newest addition to my garden is almost complete. Hostas, hydrangeas, ferns, caladium's, a large rhododendron and a lovely japanese maple are happily settled in their new home. Some re-located hostas are even flowering, giving me peace of mind that they like their new settings. I was a first time visitor to your wonderful nursery and botanical garden. Words cannot express my joy in choosing plants for my garden as well as exploring your exquisite gardens. I hope to return next spring with my master gardner's group. As the new president, I think that will be the highlight of the year.
You all should feel proud with what you have accomplished at your nursery, you are a valuable resource and inspiration to the gardening world!
E.H. in SC 6.2010

Hi, Tony,
I had the great privilege of hearing you speak a few years ago at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. You are an amazing speaker. I became interested hence in your Plant Delights business. Oh my, I LOVE the plants that I have ordered: they are always healthy, large, wonderfully packaged and unusual. I just had a 300' spruce snap off in a horrendous wind storm. When it was finally cleared away along with all the stuff that was damaged I now have a quite fabulous open space that I envision as a woodland walk. It will take many years to develop and play with. I am sure I will use many of your plants to great advantage. I'm starting with a few ferns that I ordered recently. I just had to tell you how much I appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work!
C.S. via email 5.2010

Dear PDN:
I received the plants today and will get them in the ground by tomorrow. Thank you so much! My co-workers (who also landscape and have huge gardens) were so impressed with your company. I will put a recommendation on your website/blog. I just really appreciate excellent customer service! Thanks again!
D. H. Via email 6.2010

Dear Plant Delights:
The plants you recently shipped to me were quite well grown and carefully packaged. And, they arrived within my requested delivery dates -- all good ways to run a nursery business! Thanks -- I enjoyed the salvia leucantha last summer (they did not survive our cold and snowy winter -- no surprises there) and I am looking forwarded to the blossoming of 'Santa Barbara' this year.
W.P.A. 5.2010

Hi Folks,
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my recent order. Everything (even the fragile ferns) arrived in superb condition, despite the 90 degree heat it was subjected to. I've been very happy with your plants in the past, and will sing your praises to local garden clubs as I lecture on "Fabulous Ferns for Your Gardens."
P.S. B I have refrained from ingesting any plant material per your instructions!
Best wishes,
D. S. In NH 4.2010

Dear Dianne,
My plants arrived this morning, in perfect condition, looking lush and ready to go. THANK YOU for taking such wonderful care. Ordering from Plant Delights has been a dream of mine for nearly ten years; it was definitely worth the wait. And I promise I won't be waiting that long again. Thanks, again,
B.B. 4.2010

Dear PDN:
I received my order today and am very pleased with the plants and the way they were packed. You provide an excellent product and ship in a timely manner!! I will be looking to order more in the fall.
Thanks again,
D.C. 4.2010

Dear Plant Delights:
Kudos to your crack shipping staff. Those two gingers and the 'Turn of the Century' hibiscus arrived in Little Rock Wednesday in perfect shape. Nice sized specimens, too. We planted them and I'm sure they're already growing, considering the amount of rain they have received the past few days. I figure you always hear from disgruntled people, so starting the week hearing from a satisfied customer is a good thing.
M. L. in GA 5.2010

Dear PDN:
I can't tell you how much I look forward to updates from you at PDN. What a perfect combination: horticulture details, trivia and gathering and propagation stories, all laid down by someone so knowledgeable and funny. It's a perfect world, when I'm reading newsletters from PDN. It's sad to see plantsmen and women unable to survive financially. I do hope that you are never in that situation. BTW, thanks for keeping us linked up with all those others you know. You are always expanding our horizons.Well, Happy Valentine's Day to someone who sends us valentines all year round.
Be well.
G. M. via email 2.2010

Dear Tony and the gang at PDN,
I am totally taken by the agave 'Kissho Kan' I purchased from you last year and yucca 'Sapphire Skies' the year before. Now I am drooling over the numerous new choices in this years catalog. Trouble is how to handle them? I would VERY much like to see you offer us the gloves your growers wear when they tend these porcupines! I bet you would sell a bunch!
Stabbed and Bleeding in Punta Gorda, FL 2/2010

Dear Plant Delights:
I have to tell you how PLEASED I was today when I received my order. Every year I can't wait to get started on my yard and the nurseries in my area don't have anything yet. So every I foolishly order on line and get lousy one inch plants in the mail. Well, I was so pleased when I opened my box today. I even got a smile before I even got it open. Love the little note about hurry and open. The plants are wonderful the elephant ears are up to my knees and the cannas also.
I will never buy from any other online plant store or nursery.
Thank You
L.M. 4.2010

Dear Tony and Staff,
I traveled to Plant Delights from Chesapeake, Virginia with two of my friends to attend your open house this weekend, and I just wanted to let you know what a pleasant and exciting time we had! All the staff were helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. The gardens were spectacular, and the selection of plants amazing. Needless to say, we all spent more money than we planned, but none of us regretted it. The way the open house was organized made it easy to see and find everything. It really makes a difference to be able to "see" the plants on the grounds, rather than trying to imagine what they will look like full grown. As I walked around the gardens, I took notes of the plants that I liked, (since they were all properly and noticeably marked) and was then able to find most of them in the greenhouses to purchase. As a result, I bought plants that I had seen in your catalogs many times, but didn't think to buy until I saw in the gardens.
Job well done! We will be back!
K. M. In VA 9.09

Dear Plant Delights:
THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR THE EXCELLENT JOB ALL OF YOU DID! The 5 Oleanders look good, nicely potted, moist soil, TREMENDOUS PACKAGING with the shredded paper and each pot with a nicely placed rubber band, carefully placed in the box with styrofoam "peanuts", individually wrapped in nice paper, the box taped all straight, all 3 labels carefully placed on the box all straight - IT ALL WAS SOOOOOO EVIDENT THAT ALL OF YOU " C A R E " ! In this world were poor workmanship seems to be the norm, THIS WAS SOOOO " REFRESHING " TO SEE !!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!
FedEx did an excellent job too to get the box via Memphis and Seattle to Port Angeles so fast - it arrived in Port Angeles on 10 Sept @8:38 AM. As I kept track of the package on my computer, I immediately called FedEx in Port Angeles upon arrival - I was told the box was loaded on a van for delivery - I asked "for sure ? " - they said YES! Well, I waited all day long IT NEVER CAME! I told them I was going to pick it up in Port Angeles myself if there would be any doubt.... that evening I called the FedEx toll free number and they placed a tracer on it... Well, today, 11 Sept (Friday) I looked and looked - after 2 PM I saw the box IN FULL SUN on my driveway by the street... there would have been lots of shade nearby... clicking on the FedEx below it shows delivery as 11 Sept @ 12:10 PM. THE BOX WAS QUITE HOT from the FULL SUN.... can't they READ???? P L A N T S !!!!!! WHY WASN'T IT DELIVERED THE DAY BEFORE and WHY NOT PLACE THE BOX IN THE SHADE???? FedEx here on the Olympic Peninsula is broken up into FedEx Ground + etc, I believe they are different concessions - if you have any "clout" with FedEx it would be nice if you could send them this Email as FedEx here on the Olympic Peninsula has a baad reputation, people avoid it if they can - UPS is very good!
I have immediately planted all 5 Oleanders in good soil and will water them daily for a while - THEY LOOK VERY VERY GOOD! Will give them LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!
Your going well BEYOUND the "extra mile" gives me an extra incentive to advertise you big time! I worked in Gaffney, SC for a while and have family around Spartanburg, SC - they all already know what I think of you!
LOVE YOUR CATALOG and the FUNNY way you write on your printings and Emails - N I C E !!!!! PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR PLANT MANAGER, people that water the plants, PACKAGING PERSON, and SHIPPING get to hear HOW PLEASED I AM WITH ALL OF THEM! IT SHOWS THAT THEY PROVIDE " A LABOR OF LOVE " and not just to get a paycheck....
With a B I G H U G and a BIG THANK YOU, I remain
C. H. in WA 9.09

Dear Plant Delights:
I just received a order of three plants, a lily, an hibiscus, and an echinacea. I have never received plants in a good of shape as these were in! I expected a lily bulb but I got the whole healthy plant. The hibiscus is in great shape. All were wrapped in butcher paper and were moist. I have never ordered from you before and I am very pleased.
I generally grow my own perennials in the winter so don't buy very many. I will certainly buy from you in the future. I am anxious to try some of the plants I can't grow on my own.
Thanks, R. R. via email 5/09

Dear Plantdelights,
As usual my order was filled promptly and the plant-lings arrived in perfect condition. I really love you guys and how you do business. I only wish my yard was bigger.
C.F. via email 5/09

Good Afternoon!
My order came last Friday and was in great shape. I just wanted to thank you for getting it to me by my requested date. I really appreciate it! PDN has the best, most unusual plants and i have many great plants in my garden that i have gotten from you over the years.
Thanks again,
T. M via email 4/09

I wanted to thank you. I received my plants today and they are wonderful. I have purchased many bulbs and plants from mail order and online nurseries, I must say your plants were by far the best quality I have ever received through the mail. Kudos to Plant Delights and their staff !! One thing I wanted to mention, it might be a good idea to put a sticker or just write on the pot the name of each plant. I could easily tell which plants were which but my wife was lost. We both loved all the information about plants and gardening on your web site. I am thinking what an outstanding company. I will definitely be ordering more plants from your nursery.
Thanks for quality product and quality service,
J. R. via email 4/09

Dear Plant Delights:
My order, invoice #187186, arrived today and I wanted to say that it is a pleasure to do business with a company that cares. The plants arrived in mint condition. I ordered two Aspidistra's for my inside house collection and I am very pleased. The way the order was packaged and the quality of the plants show that your company really cares about not only customer satisfaction, but the health of your plants. I am sure that you will be getting orders from me in the future. Once again, you have a very happy new customer.
Thanks for everything
G. W. via email 5/09

This is just to inform you that my Lenten rose arrived yesterday afternoon. It is a gift and I was amazed at the size of the box and then the plant inside. What a large, beautiful, and healthy plant! I am very impressed as I have ordered from other companies and am used to getting much smaller plants. What a pleasant surprise to see such a large beautiful plant! Thank you and I'm sure I will order from you in the future. I will tell my brother "you did good!"
J.R. in CO 5/09

Dear Plant Delights:
What a pleasure to receive a plant delivery from y'all!!!!! It is timely sent, when promised, WELL-PACKAGED!!!!! Invoice makes sense! THANKS!!!! I have totally given up trying to order from...Wayside Gardens, Breck's, White Flower Farm...Poor quality plants, VERY BAD PACKAGING so that often most of the soil had fallen out!!!! Just not worth the fight, and usually for getting nothing!
THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only got a few things this spring. Recession has eaten up our Retirement monies! Cringe!
B. S. via email 5/09

Dear Delights:
I woke up this morning with an odd crispy sound as I got out of bed. It was the remnants of my Plant Delights catalog which I had clearly been reading when I fell asleep. It must have been a tossy night of plant fantasies since my catalog was now a shredded and crinkled series of paper wads strewn about the sheets. May I have another? Enclosed are some really good chocolates. Hope to have my treasured hard copy soon.
P.K. in MD 3.09

Dear Plant Delights:
This spring I went nuts and ordered many, many, too many plants from various mail-order nurseries. What I received went from the sublime to the ridiculous. (To think I paid for some of these jokes to come in the mail!) yours were the best - FULL pots, vigorous and healthy. My thanks.
C.D. via email 5/09

Dear Plant Delights:
My hosta order arrived yesterday in excellent condition. You are the best in the business when it comes to supplying the best plants. Your packing is superior, too. The plants arrive in perfect condition.
Thank you very much!
E. W. via email 5/09

To all of you at Plants Delights:
I placed my order on Monday and received my plants on Friday, all perfectly wrapped in newspaper shreds and white paper. Every one was in perfect condition. I saved the rubber bands, put the shreds in the compost and save the box for another day. No wonder you are a leading mail order company.
Sincerely ,
B. A. via email 4/09

Dear PDN:
The plants I ordered arrived. I just wanted to let you know in what great shape they arrived in. In my past experience mail order plants are not always a good idea, yours are unbelievable. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for actually caring about what you send out. I'm sure I will be a repeat customer.
T. H. in NC 4/09

Dear PDN:
Just a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful plants. They were very healthy and raring to go. We had a late freeze last night and they weren't to happy but seem to have survived. They were some of the nicest mail order plants I've ever received. I will order more this fall . It is too close to summer now. One of the true stand outs is the Starry Eyes thingy., bloomed almost as soon as planted. I'm a friend of Yucca Do also and love their stuff too. They are close enough to drive to ,just down the road a bit. Thank-you again for the plants and the amusing catalog. I keep it the bathroom for quick reading , please don't be offended we keep all the good stuff in there. L. B. in Texas 4/09

Dear PDN:
I had a good laugh when I saw just now this years catalog cover.!!!!!!!!! As always your company makes me laugh as does your humor when you write out the descriptions of the plants. I am not sure which is more exciting the cover and wording you use for plants each year or the waiting to see all the plants emerge from their long winters nap.You make gardening what it should be enjoyable.!!!!!!!!! Keep doing such a great job.
V.F. via email 3/09

Dear Mr. Delights,
I ordered some plants from you last year and was so pleased with the quality that I placed another order this year. I usually don't buy mail order plants because they are usually dried up little roots which you can't distinguish from the packaging material.
Thank you for putting a smile on my face.
E. E. via email 1/09

Happy New Year Tony and everyone else at PDN;
Your company continues to be THE breath of fresh air in the Hort industry. You've always told it like it is and while I may disagree with a description or two in your catalog or in your newsletters, I have total respect for that honesty. Kudos to you, my friend.
My neighbors along the Delaware River here in Morrisville, PA (Zone 6, soon to be 7A, if we're not already), have taken your slogan on plant hardiness "I consider every plant hardy until I have killed it least three times," and developed what we call 'Darwinian Gardening.' It's survival of the fittest in our gardens. We're all loyal composters, have rain barrels, 1-2 are developing rain-gardens/bog gardens this year. Our challenge pests are voles and moles, which we harass with garlic-based repellent products, coffee grounds from Starbucks (voles hate coffee grounds, my garden loves it). I've also found that planting 'toxic' bulbs and plants like Fritillaria drive them nuts as well.
Keep up the great writing, gardening, honesty in your sales catalogs/web pages, and I'll keep on reading and buying. My favorite plant this year was the Canna 'Thai Rainbow.'
Have a great new year,
S. F. in PA 1/09

Dear Plant Delights:
Here at Avatar Creative Landscapes we fight over each new Plant Delights catalog. The covers are edgy and humorous, Tony's write-ups are hilarious (and informative) and of course the plant selections keep us drooling all throughout the cold winter months. We've killed our fair share of plants in our efforts to stretch hardiness zones, but we can't express how much we dig this nursery and its staff (who are always helpful and knowledgeable no matter how irritating we are on the phone!).
We can't wait to experiment further and we tell all who'll listen up here in Rochester, NY to try something a little different (and very cool)---Plant Delights Nursery.
D.M. via email 2/09

Dear Plant Delights:
I received this order this order and am overwhelmed by the quality packing and condition of the plants - and three are already blooming!!! Who's happier!!! Recently I ordered from Heronswood and the experience was a major disappointment - three of five never showed growth and all were packed in dry soil in small plastic bags. For an upscale business, it was a shocking experience and has made me a full time Plants Delight customer. Again, multiple thanks and keep your tremendous system in place!!! Ann
A. D. via email 4/09

Dear PDN:
What a treasure this company is! The e-mails re. shipping are a really bright spot in this world of businesses with very little personal service. Thank you for being the company you are. My order is a gift for my sister, and you can be sure that I will order from Plant Delights again.
J. via email 10/08

Hello Tony,
I never ever write company's to say anything about anything. However, I adore your the plain talk.. I received my plants yesterday, and they looked great. I read (which I never do) the information you send with them.... funny stuff kiddo, and informative. I also read your email newsletter (which I never do, again) Even printed it to check out some of the items you mentioned. This is so unlike me!
Keep it up,
I will order again!
S. E. via email 10/08

Dear Plant Delights:
Hi! I'm a high school horticulture teacher who has discovered the secret to having students write---show them your catalog. I have a gift certificate and decided to let my students spend it, however they had to write about why they wanted the plant(s) they coveted. I have not seen this much excitement over a writing assignment, ever. Thanks for making horticulture (and writing) exciting for them!
H. M. in PA 2/09

To Whom It May Concern:
I just received your catalog in the mail. I'd like to thank you for sending such a informative publication. It was refreshing ( and even a surprise ) to read the humor that was interjected through out what is traditionally tiresome reading for all but the plant nerds. A special thank you for that along with your much needed and long overdue common sense paragraph's on " How To Be A Great Customer. " Yep, you guess it, I work in a customer service field!
I look forward to doing business with your company. I have decided to deal with this time by what I can with researching my garden wish list and targeting areas of the garden that are in need of attention, essentially soil amendment before serious planting. By the time this is done and my limitations are resolved, I fear that the warm season will be here again in Miami and I will be very limited in what I can select.
My other challenge is a inability to tolerate the sadistic heat here in Miami from late spring through Oct. Any suggestions for planting somewhat unique and showy items that require minimal summer upkeep? I am so tired of all the palms and tropical plants here as well as the garden variety offerings of Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc. I do not require that 100% of my garden looks unique. I would like to work on 25-45% ooooh's and aaaah's though. Also, is there a Hosta that will grow here? The major difference that I know of between Miami, zone 10 and central Florida, zone 9 is that they can get frost and we rarely do. The summer is equally hot there. Yes, they wil get that first cold front that dies out before it reaches here. The first cold front there and here is usually only a few degrees. The relief comes from the slight drop in hummidity. Are the plants as grateful for this as we are?
One more request would be to ask your company if it would consider offering a plan called "Origanum/Kent beauty" that I saw offered from another catolog (sorry!) called Logee's Tropical Plants. Internet research enlightened me to the fact that this is actually a ornamental oregano. Few companies offer it. I was very impressed with your particular publication and would prefer obtaining from your company. Besides, I prefer giving my business to a company located in a state that consider barbecue a religion!!!!!!!!
I understand that Tony Avent is primarily responsible fro the content of your catalog, unless he's the owner-----GIVE HIM A RAISE. Please give him a special thank you from me. Due to my recent medical limitation and associated lack of income I must admit to actually dreading opening the mail the past few months. Thank you for bringing a smile and even laughter to me. It was unexpected and much needed. Tony, I like your style. God bless you and all he employees there.
Look me up if you are in Miami.
C.B. via email 1/09

Dear PDN:
I have concluded all business with Wayside as I do not wish to waste my money of "plugs" or "liners" for big bucks plus shipping costs. You guys, on the other hand, ALWAYSS send very decent sized plants for the buck!!! I have done nothing but sing your praises this year!!! Wish you had more for those of us in the North, but I totally understand growing space limitations .... thanks for who you are!!!
J.K. in Illinois 7/08

Dear Plant Delights,
Thank you very much for the plants that arrived in outstanding condition! As always, I am in awe as to how well you ship plants. I greatly appreciate your outstanding services. Respectfully,
C. T. in Hawaii 9/08

Dear PDN:
Our plants arrived and were some of the nicest mail order plants I've ever received!!! Thanks. The planting instructions were a hoot! Wonderful article in Guns and Gardens. Keep up the great work. I look forward to many more orders. U nusual varieties are of special interest.
S.S. in VA 9/08

Just thought I'd send you a "thank you" for sending me such top quality plants in this and all prior orders I have placed. I've probably ordered from at least 20 different retailers online and your plants are consistently the healthiest and of the best quality when arriving. Your TLC in growing and shipping is much appreciated.
J. J. via email 09/08

Dear Plant Delights-
I had a great time at your open house on Saturday. Spent a gazillion dollars on plants and had just placed my new acquistions in the van and made the mistake of venturing back into the gardens to say good-bye to a friend. Ran into Gloxinia 'Evita' over near the waterfall. Zzzzfffft! Went my tiny, little brain- MUST OWN PLANT. I trudged back to the greenhouses, admonished the staff "don't let me look at anything else, just take me the to the gloxinia", and took my sad, lifeless wallet home.
I enjoy your descriptions in the catalog, but you are failing miserably to describe how spectacular this plant looks. I almost fell in the waterfall and cracked my head open to get a better look at this plant! I think you can do better after my near death experience. O.k., possibly I wasn't watching where I was going.
Keep up the good work and thanks,
J. S. in SC 9/07

Dear Plant Delights:
Received "Plant Delights" catalog here in Dalton, GA yesterday and spent most of the evening reading through it. It's one of the best catalogs I've seen. The catalog is informative, has beautiful photography and I appreciate the humor. Also, lots and lots of plants I must have - must not touch the 401K though.
J. R. in GA 1/08

Dear Plant Delights:
Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks. I received my order yesterday and all looked great. I appreciate you keeping me so up to date on the order process through email, and the way the plants were packaged so carefully. Thank you again for all you hard work. May the Lord continue to bless you! I look forward to business with you again, it was a pleasure!
Y.T. via email 3/08

Dear Plant Delights:
I subscribe to a great deal of nurseries as I grew up in one in Norther California ( think self-sustaining commune, my first given name born in '66 is Sunshine. Nuff said?) and it's in my blood. Since I've been in Florida for the past 4 years ( YUKKK!!! The anathema to the natural gardener) am finally moving north as my hubby's being transferred to Vermont. Wherever you got my address from, thank you so much! Not only for the vast selection and truly informative species descriptions et al., but your catalog banned me from the living room this afternoon as apparently I was laughing reading too much out loud for my husband during the precious "Final Four". You'll be hearing from me next month when we make the move, but in the meantime, thank you for such unexpectedly hilarious reading material. I shall leave it in the bathroom along with all the other journal of Great Wisdom ( yes, my 42 year old husband buys Playboy for the articles.)
Have a great day!
V.R. in FL 4/08

Dear Plant Delights:
I think you guys are doing a wonderful job, you have beautiful and unique plants that arrive in great condition and respond well when planted. The grace our gardens and remind us of your kindness and good customer service. I love the e-mail updates and how you give us so much information in them. I came to one of the Open House events and went crazy buying plants. I have NO PROBLEM referring friends or anyone to your nursery. It is a pleasure for me to do so because my experiences with Plant Delights has been just that, a delight. We all love the cartoons on the front of the catalogs. What a treat to wait for the next one to see what is coming out of your creative minds next.
You are the greatest,
J.F. in Alabama 10/07

Dear Plants Delights Nursery Staff,
This is my first order with your company and I just received my Musa 'Siam Ruby'. I was so happy with my ordering experience that and wanted to take the time to thank you! The packing was great and the trees look wonderful. I say trees because two small trees were shipped instead of the single that I had ordered, what a great surprise. I could not be happier. I have all ready potted them up and watered them in. I look forward to enjoying their beauty over the winter months; because it can be so drab here in Ohio in the winter. I also have a Musa 'Ae Ae' that I have had for years and believe this will be the perfect companion for it!
Thanks again and I look forward to my next order!!!
T.H. in Ohio 9/07

Dear Plant Delights:
I rec'd my 6 plants 2 days ago. Yesterday I planted them. I just had to tell you how very impressed I was at the packing method and the incredible root systems they all had. I have bought alot of plants, both locally and thru the mail, and have NEVER had plants that were so obviously healthy!
I will certainly tell all my gardening friends!!!! Thank you for your superior care.
S.S. in MD 9/07

Dear Plant Delights,
I just found your web site recently. I found your plant selection excellent and making my online purchases was easy and secure. After ordering I browsed some more on your site. I read your fan/hate mail. I am and will continue to be a customer. I think that the self-righteous idiots who wrote the hate mail should stick to growing weeds. This is America and EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion regarding global warming. Also, as the wife of a soldier who is in Iraq, I think we must find humor where we can and be free to express ourselves. I am lucky to say I have friends who are from the Middle East and they have a better sense of humor than those morons who commented on the Jihad.
L.M. via email 8/07

Dear PDN:
Just wanted to let y'all know that my last order, which was a gift of plants sent to Oregon to some folks that were quite kind to me on my garden tour, have been received and have caused quite a stir. They sent both email and letter saying the plants were in excellent condition and the pots were most generous! I told them that one was for each, but they could chose who got what. Because the pots were generous, they each have at least one of both! Y'all impressed the daylights out of them, and they are professional plant people!
When I contacted them to let them know to expect the arrival of the plants, they had heard of Plant Delights and Tony Avent. They are on your mailing list or someone sends them a copy of your catalogues, I'm not sure which. They mentioned they loved reading, thought it was a hoot, even though they've never made an order!
B.M. via email 8/07

Dear Plant Delights:
Thank u for letting me know. I highly compliment the way this transaction was dealt with. I don't know if u know that I am in Australia and I dearly wanted my friends there in the USA to have these plants from me especially the 'Dahlia Tree' My friends had admired photos that I had sent them of mine and there was no way I could send one from here. I had approached other Nurseries there about it and they were not prepared to do it for me. Yours was the only one and Amanda was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process.
My friends were delighted and in tears of happiness that they got such a wonderful gift. They didn't know they were there actually, it was so funny. I was talking to them on MSN at 9pm and they said that they did not get a parcel that day. (they didn't know it was plants) I looked at the email from 'Fedex' that confirmed delivery and it said that they had left it at the front door at 6-36pm. I told them to go and open the front door ............. they did and found them. Sorry for rattling on but I am just so happy about the way your company made it possible to do this. The plants were still damp and looking fine when they opened them.
Kindest regards
D. in Australia 7/07

Dear Plant Delights:
Thank you so much!! I couldn't believe how healthy my plants were when delivered; all the way from North Carolina to Southern California, and they looked just as good as if I'd gone to my local nursery (except for the fact that my local nurseries didn't stock what I was looking for; hence I had to go to North Carolina!). I wouldn't hesitate to order from Plant Delights again.
J. L. in CA 10/07

Hi Plant Delights:
I was just awestruck by your entire operation! I'm just a girl from Kansas and I feel like I have been to the Emerald City! I'm going to start reading the book this afternoon. It's about 40 degrees here in the mountains outside of Asheville but my Musa 'Bordelon' is sitting in my livingroom, nice and warm. Just an idea, but I really think that Tony needs to have a bobble head made!!!! That way when I'm considering a purchase I can ask "the wizard" and get a true "yes or no". Somehow I think it would always be yes, buy, buy!!!!
Thanks again for a FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!
D.F. in NC 10/07

Dear PDN:
Thank you so much for my lovely Musas! They arrived yesterday and are now potted and brightening my home. I apologize for the snippy email I sent last week. I had a very bad experience with a different online nursery last year and was afraid I might be starting down the same road. Thank you for proving me wrong. I will gladly recommend Plant Delights to friends and family. Thank you again. I look forward to watching my lovely trees grow.
K. B. via email 3/07

Dear PDN,
I just received the plants that I ordered a couple days ago. Everything was in excellent condition. I've ordered plants from other companies that aren't so concerned about what they ship. You're so far from Redmond, WA, but the quality is better than much closer nursuries. I'll order again from you all. Well done!
P. A. in WA 4/07

Dear Plant Delights:
I don't mean to gush but the Hostas came yesterday and are just unbelieveable I don't know why I mess with what the "big box store" has for Hostas when such beautiful and healthy ones come to me from North Carolina. They look like they have been in th e garden 'forever' already. Thank you again and I will try to hold on to the thought that Plant Delights is the only way to go. Sincerely,
S. S. via email 7/07

Dear Plant Delights:
I have never written to a web company before but I have to say how extremely happy I am with my order from you. The plants arrived quickly, were packaged very well and still damp from the newpapers you so lovingly wrapped them in. They were all a nice size and suffered no stress in shipment. All are doing well in the garden thanks to you and your staff. I will most certainly being ordering some more.
I ordered a few plants for another site. They sent them in the mail and it took 6 days to get them, Needless to say half were dead and 4 more have died since. I planted them. Live and learn. Thanks again to your staff for making my new flower garden come alive.
C. M. in Indiana 6/07

My plants arrived today and although this is the second year I have ordered from you I am still astounded by their quality, size and health - an all too rare situation with many mail order firms. Thanks for a job well done.
D. S. via email 2/07

Dear PDN:
Have read the catalogs cover to cover since I discovered this place. I learn lots, and the writer is a hoot. I'm guessing his sense of humor is lost on the poor souls who don't know that 'Jihad' is arabic for 'struggle', and don't understand the comedic use of hyperbole. Alas for them. When my friend (a landscaper from Seattle) came to visit last summer, he made this place his Mecca (n.b., now I'M doing it... get it?). We lost track of time in their display gardens and nursery houses, and totally forgot to eat lunch. Each of us came away with souvenirs - my Boehmeria 'Nichirin' is now established and beginning to leaf out for spring. I'll go back - but I'll bring some lunch!
P. in NC 4/07

Dear PDN:
Unbelievable! I am speechless. For the first time ever I have actually received plants that are vigorous, healthy and ready for the garden. I am so used to receiving tiny little starter shoots that need a year of nursing just to look like they will indeed live when I order plants from nurseries that I couldn't believe it when I opened your box and saw the plants you sent. I have been receiving your catalog for two years and every season I mark off a dozen or more plants I would like to order but always put off doing so as yours are usualy a dollar or two more and your shipping minimum and charges are a little higher as well (especially your minimum as I would love to have ordered just a plant or two to try out your product).
This spring I decided to make the plynge and placed a relatively small order and I can only tell you that I am very happy I did. Your slightly higher price is definitely worth it as your plants are much more mature and stable than any I have ever received from other nurseries in the past. (ThoughI would still love it if your minimum shipping was less).
I am one who is quick to complain when warranted, but it is equally important to acknowledge excellence when deserved - and in this case the acknowledgement is well deserved. Thank you and I hope to continue doing business with you in the future.
K. R. in GA 4/07

Hey everyone in warm-land,
Greetings from still-frigid Ohio! I read about your catalog in our local paper via a pirated (okay, probably not but...) article from the AP entitled "Catalogs bloom with personality." Since there isn't much going on in the way of gardening in Ohio this time of year, I eagerly read the article and went to your website. All I can say is..."HOLY CRAP! I LOVE IT!!!" Your website is a hoot! And you have cats! (I have 3, so you are already in my good graces). It takes a brave and self-confident organization to run its Hate Mail along with the typical customer kudos. I laughed out loud (and woke up the cats in the process). Then I requested a catalog. Your "Gardening Jihad" cartoon was extremely amusing, and a reminder that we need to wake up and stop taking ourselves so seriously. Or maybe your catalog is just for independent, democratic-leaning thinkers? Or is it just the chardonnay talking? (Like I said, there isn't a whole lot of gardening going on here right now). To recap:
1. The website is outrageous, informative and fun.
2. Send me the darn catalog soon before I sic my 20-year-old cat on you. With warmest best wishes for your continued success at gardening and ticking off the overly-sensitive,
E. in Ohio 3/07