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Greetings and Happy New Year! We were busy last year with several behind-the- scenes changes to deliver a better all-around customer experience. Website tweaks will hopefully make it easier for online shoppers, and for 2017, we’ve added a series of free plant-focused mini-presentations during our Open Nursery and Garden Days… see our schedule online. We’re also replacing our August catalog with one in early April, which will include new plants previously held until summer.

2017 means more great new plant releases from both our research/trials/breeding department and plant cohorts around the world. For geophyte lovers, we’ve added two of our new, dwarf, early-flowering glads, Gladiolus ‘Buttery Cheeks’ and ‘Rosy Cheeks’. From our collection of 700+ lycoris varieties, we’ve added three more top performers…all in limited quantities. Also included are two virtually unobtainable crinum lilies…both personal favorites bred by crinum guru Dave “Dr. Crinum” Lehmiller. Our first clonal rhodophiala introduction also shares the pages with several of our favorite rain lilies.

If you’re stuck on agaves and similar succulents, we’ve got a treat for you. We’re introducing two hybrid seed strains for 2017 including Agave ‘Desert Love’, an Agave ovatifolia hybrid, and Agave ‘Durango Fandango’, a cross of Agave schidigera and Agave flexispina. More 2017 Plant Delights introductions include our gold-foliaged Agave ‘Bleached Blonde’, our miniature Agave lophantha ‘Miniskirt’, and Agave ‘Hacksaw’…a clonal selection from our Agave lophantha breeding. If you prefer your century plants variegated, we’ve also added four new first-time offerings.

 We’re Mad about Mangave ™! We coined the name Mangave in 2003 with our friends at Yucca Do, for the unrecognized intergeneric hybrids between agave and manfreda. Since that time, we created our own hybrids, before handing off the project to plant breeder Hans Hansen. With facilities at Walters Gardens to create, grow, and evaluate hundreds of thousands of seedlings, the results are growing plants, purple-spotted foliage, soft teeth, and incredible architecture. We feel mangaves are a sea-change plant for both tropical and hot, arid landscapes worldwide, as well as being great container specimens with a few hardy into Zone 7. We are thrilled to introduce seven more of Hans’s hybrids for 2017, along with two of his manfreda creations that defy imagination.

 We’re equally ecstatic about our 2017 wild ginger offerings, which include five Plant Delights introductions, four of which are new. With exceptional foliage and flowers, it’s our goal to introduce as many of our 800+ selected asarum clones as possible to shade gardeners around the world. Also for the woodland garden, we’ve added five new Japanese rohdea (sacred lily) selections which thrive in the same conditions as our five new Solomon’s seal selections.

Four new seed or division grown trilliums from our on-site research/field production facilities made the list this year including the recently discovered Trillium oostingii…both the typical form and an insanely rare solitary leaf form we call a “unillium.” On the other end of the spectrum is Trillium ‘Julia’…a division-grown, six-leaved hexillium….an equally rare, vigorous clone of a yet un-named new trillium species from Tennessee.

We continue to develop new, unique hostas while evaluating introductions from other breeders. From our vigorous miniature hosta breeding effort, we are thrilled to introduce four new creations in 2017, Hosta ‘Cowlick’, Hosta ‘Green Thumb’, Hosta ‘Tiny Gems’, and Hosta ‘Vanilla Bean’. These are just a few of the special new hostas you’ll find inside.

Talking unique, check out Sanguisorba ‘Little Angel’…a variegated miniature burnet that’s one of the most exciting new dwarf perennials we’ve tried in the last decade.

How about Carex scaposa…a Photoshopped-looking plant if we’ve ever seen one…dazzling pink flowers on a sedge. We are finally able to share the winter hardy (for us) Argentine form of the cabbage-like aroid Synandrospadix vermitoxicus ‘Salta and Peppa’…truly bizarre! Of course, it’s hard to imagine anything stranger than our native pitcher plants. If you’ve visited Juniper Level Botanic Gardens, you realize how amazing, fun, and easy these US natives are to grow in your garden, so we’ve added four new sarracenia selections to an already stellar list.

For gardeners who enjoy the tropical look, check out our two new elephant ear offerings. Colocasia ‘Imperial Gigante’ from Brian Williams and John Cho’s Colocasia ‘Aloha’ both used the black face and green vein leaf pattern known from Colocasia ‘Illustris’ to create completely different, but equally amazing outcomes. Canna ‘Karin’ is Pat McNeal’s amazing new selection of the North American native Canna glauca we absolutely adore, while the giant Indigofera kirilowii ‘Bernheim’ is Zone 5 hardy but still well-suited for the tropical look.

For 2017, we are thrilled to release four of our unique new baptisia hybrids along with other great natives, like Hypericum myrtifolium ‘Georgia Girl’, the unique Pycnanthemum ‘Campbell Carpet’, and a heat-loving form of the native doll’s eyes.

Winter garden aficionados will enjoy our two new winter-flowering iris selections along with some very special winter-flowering adonis. Also, be sure not to miss the new, colorful rhubarb-stalked acanthus, as well as our 2017 fairy wing introduction, Epimedium ‘Old Yeller’. After all, who doesn’t love ‘Old Yeller’? We love our peonies, but our wildest dreams could never imagine our 2017 introduction, Paeonia ‘Golden Sunrise’… a gold-foliaged, pink-flowered peony that thrives in our heat.

Thanks again for your continued support. For each plant you purchase, Plant Delights Nursery donates 12% of the plant sales price to our not-for-profit Juniper Level Botanic Garden to support our research, breeding, trialing, and plant exploration. In the face of a constantly changing climate, your purchases also aid in ex-situ conservation of rare and endangered plants. Please enjoy your plant babies, and where possible, share them with others. Enjoy the new 2017 Spring catalog and the additional online offerings at

Happy Gardening,

Tony and Anita