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No Time For Plants to Die

2022 Digital Spring Catalog

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Image of our 2022 Spring Catalog cover "No Time For Plants To Die"

Que the James Bonds theme! With the increased interest in gardening over the last couple of homebound years, it’s important that we properly care for our new adoptees. Proper care includes preparing the planting area, siting the plants correctly, and finally, maintaining them properly.  Unlike most things people purchase impulsively, plants and pets are among the few which are alive, so we would like for you to keep them in that state. As we like to point out, plants are one of the few purchases which removes CO2 from the atmosphere, so killing plants on so many fronts is not desirable. 

We try to include as many cultivation tips as possible in the catalog descriptions, but please email us if have questions we failed to address. Better yet, drop by for an open house day, when we have our plant experts on hand to tackle your questions in person. 

Perhaps it’s our advancing age, but it seems each year moves more rapidly than the previous one. 2021 was another amazing year, and it was great to see so many out-of-town visitors returning again for open house days, as the COVID numbers continue to drop. This was our best attended year for open houses in history…a trend we hope continues in 2022. We’ve now established our giant Opuntia (prickly pear) cactus give away as a regular part of our summer open house, so those July dates are a great time to not only tour the gardens and shop, but to also pick up some free prickly pear pads. 

It’s been an incredibly busy year here at PDN/JLBG, but thankfully, we were better prepared than the year prior. After falling far behind in propagation and production in 2020, we are, once again, caught up as we start 2022, so most plants in the catalog should be in much better supply. The difficulty now is finding pots, which due to supply chain issues have been backordered for months.

 In the gardens, we continue to tweak existing plantings with the addition of over 1000 new plants in 2021. While this number is about half of what we normally add in a single year, that reflects our growing space limitations as the gardens mature, along with the difficulty finding adequate staff to properly maintain the gardens.

 We are thankful for our desert garden volunteer, Vince Schneider, for tackling the agave/cactus breeding duty. We made the most agave crosses in our history in 2021, ending with 32 unique successful crosses. Seed from those efforts are already up and growing.  Our century plant offerings continue to expand with seven new offerings this year, including three new hybrid hardy strains, as well as a number of new introductions for agave collectors.  Mangave collectors are sure to be excited with the introduction of three new introductions included the insanely cool, Mangave ‘Praying Hands’. 

We’ve gone a little hosta crazy this year, with the addition of ten new offerings, including four of our own introductions (‘Blue Pillow’, ‘Clusterfest’, ‘Summer Snowstorm’, and ‘Twice as Mice’), and four from plantsman Hans Hansen (‘Blue Waves’, ‘Dancing with Dragons’, ‘Miss America’, and ‘Royal Crest’). Hosta ‘Mito-no-hana’ from Japan is also sure to be at the top of every collector’s lust list.

 There are plenty of woodland hosta companions including five new ferns offered for the first time, including the evergreen Dryopteris decipiens. On top of that are two new wild gingers, a new cypripedium orchid, and three new leopard plants (farfugium). We’ve also added two amazing new selections of the fall-flowering woodland sage, Salvia glabrescens that are not to be missed. Oh, and be sure to check out the amazingly unique Heuchera ‘Frilly’.

 North American natives are always high on our list and this year is no exception. For the woodland garden, we’ve added two exciting new toothworts, Dentaria 'Come Pewter' and Dentaria dissecta 'Dental Floss'.  We’re finally able to share our Florida collection of Pachysandra procumbens 'Jackson', for those who garden in warmer climates. We’ve added some serious bling to the native blue phlox, so be sure to check out the amazing Phlox divaricata ‘Blue Ribbons’, found here at JLBG.  Although it’s not technically “new”, we are thrilled to share the original pink-flower/red-fruited native mayapple, discovered in the 1940s. This gem has been virtually impossible to acquire, so don’t miss out on Podophyllum peltatum f. deamii 'Marcel Raymond'. Two very exciting new seed-propagated trilliums made our list, Trillium decumbens 'Jefferson Gems', and the very rare Trillium oostingii 'Camden Purple'.

 If you garden in sun, we’ve added Phlox paniculata 'Opalescence', a fantastic selection of our native tall phlox that’s been completely disease free in our trials. Five new selections of native sarracenia made the catalog, including Sarracenia x bellii, Sarracenia x chelsonii 'Marooned', Sarracenia 'Dutch Stevens', Sarracenia leucophylla 'Fruit Punch', and Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tea and Crumpets'. Of course, we can’t forget our specialty, baptisias, and for 2022, we welcome two new introductions, Baptisia ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Purplicious’. Ruellia 'Humility' is a fascinating new JLBG staff (Zac Hill) discovery in the wild that’s yet to even be named as a new species.

 Other sunny favorites that aren’t to be missed include two more amazing brightly-colored, non-weedy ajugas, Ajuga ‘Parrot Paradise’ and ‘Tropical Toucan’.  If you’re a fan of hardy orchids, Bletilla ‘Candles in the Wind’ is nothing short of amazing. This 4’ tall Peter Zale introduction is sure to re-write what we know of the genus bletilla.

 We’ve added a number of very exciting new ornamental grasses that impressed us in our trials. First is a larger, gold-leaf fountain grass, Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Lemon Squeeze’, which will contrast nicely with the new blue-foliaged Panicum virgatum ‘Niagra Falls’. How about the first variegated foliage selection of the widespread native bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium 'Chameleon'…holy cow! Less we forget, check out the new Indian sorghum from South Carolina, Sorghastrum nutans 'Slim Pickens', that thrives in hot humid climates.  If that doesn’t float your proverbial boat, how about the incredible Cortaderia ‘Blue Bayou’ or the truly wild and crazy Festuca arundinacea 'Glow Sticks'!  We promise you’ve never seen anything like this.

 Our aroid passion continues with the introduction of two new amorphophallus hybrids (konjac x albus). Amorphophallus ‘Mary Sizemore’ and ‘Green Genes’ are both from the work of aroid researcher Cyrille Claudel. From the late aroid specialist Alan Galloway, comes his giant selection of Typhonium trilobatum, which was winter hardy here in Alan’s trials. 2022 marks the addition of two dramatically different elephant ears. From the amazing work of John Cho, comes a truly tricked out new elephant ear, Colocasia esculenta 'Waikiki', and from Brian Williams, the not to be missed raised vein special, Colocasia ‘Pharaoh’s Mask’.

 If you’re an iris lover, we’ve got some gems in the catalog. Iris ‘Lion King’ is a truly dazzling selection of Japanese Iris, and we’ve added two more of the more subtle eye shadow iris (yellow flag x Japanese), Iris x pseudata 'Shiryukyo' and 'Take no Sato'. Iris brevicaulis ‘Yucca Do Blue’ is a new very dark blue-purple selection of the southeast native louisiana iris species from an extremely western population in central Texas. The craziest of all, however, is Iris x ampliflora ‘Ming Treasure’, an exceedingly rare new naturally-occurring Iris tectorum hybrid only recently discovered in China, you have to see it to believe it.

 Geophytes are always a focus, and first timers in the catalog this year include the virtually unavailable Lilium x sulphurgale ‘Vico Gold’ from the late plantsman Sir Peter Smithers.  Lycoris ‘Pink-a-Blue’ is a new Phil Adams hybrid surprise lily, and Hymenocallis liriosme ‘Chalmette’ is the first release from the life work of spider lily guru, Victor Lambou. Sprekelia formosissima ‘Mobile Queen’ is a new Aztec Lily selection that has been outstanding in our trials. Two new rain lily introductions, Habranthus ‘Pink Chiffon’ and Zephyranthes ‘Yellow Fever’ come from the great work of the late rain lily specialist, John Fellers.

 For those who enjoy the tropical look, we’ve added three new hardy palms, the rarely available and virtually extinct Sabal miamiensis, the super rare Sabal sp. Tamaulipas ‘San Carlos’ form, and the mysterious Sabal ‘Blackburniana’.  Add to that is our first offering of the bodacious Canna ‘Two Tone Tiger’, which tops out north of 8’ tall, and the recently-named red-flowered ginger lily, Hedychium deceptum.

 Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to our endowment to ensure the future of Juniper Level Botanic Garden and Plant Delights Nursery!  At the end of 2021, we have raised 3% of the $17 million endowment funds needed to continue the operations at their current level. We hope you’ll help us reach $1 million dollars toward our larger goal by the end of Spring 2021. Please help us spread the word, so we can make the transition while everyone here still has the health to assist.

 Happy Gardening,

 Tony and Anita