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2022 Fall Digital Catalog

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2022 Fall Catalog Cover.

As we turn the pages on another spring, we hope everyone remembers how wonderful it is to be in the garden, where we can find solace and escape the “relentless tweets” of the crazy, energetically chaotic world. Call me crazy, but my favorite part of the day is either pulling weeds after dinner or sitting on our back porch listening to the sounds of nature…the croaking of the frogs, the buzz of the insects, and the tweeting of the birds.

2022 has been a tumultuous year of starts and stops…COVID is gone…we’re free, followed by OMG…it’s back, to the maniacal, steroid-delusional leader of Russia trying to reconstitute the USSR by annihilating  innocent people, to inflation and high gas prices, to an unparalleled labor shortage, along with continuing supply chain backlogs. In some cases, our input costs have risen a whopping 50%. We also never dreamed it would take us 1 year to get our backordered shipment of nursery pots.

Despite the craziness, our amazing, hard-working staff have managed to assemble another incredible collection of plants for the fall catalog. We hope you’ll find something that excites you. 

As always, we have an incredible array of wonderful geophytes for the garden including 10 different clones of surprise lilies. Three of those are first time offerings including one clone of Lycoris x albiflora, and two new selections of Lycoris x rosea.  Fall also marks the return of several geophytes, some we haven’t been able to offer for years, including the North American natives Hymenocallis traubii and Crinum americanum ‘St. Marks’. 

Two new rain lilies made the catalog this fall including Habranthus ‘Mini-Cherry’ and the newly named Habranthus ‘Pink Splendor’. Moraea huttonii is a fascinating hardy yellow-flowered South African bulb that we’re delighted to share for the first time. Fall also marks our first offering of the streaked Amorphophallus konjac ‘Shattered Glass’…a plant whose variegation is as unstable as some of the people who like plants with this type of leaf pattern. 

For the sun garden, check out the amazing native, Lysimachia lanceolata ‘Burgundy Mist’, selected for its reddish-purple new growth. For warmer zones, this is our first offering of the hardy cycad, Cycas x panzhioluta…a hybrid that has been exceptional for us here in Zone 7b. Agastache ‘Crazy Fortune’ adds silver patterned fragrant foliage to a genus already known for its ability to lure pollinators. Agapanthus ‘Galaxy White’ is the latest in Hans Hansen’s Zone 6 agapanthus…this one with masses of white flowers.  Sambucus ‘Blonde Envy’ is one of the most exciting new introductions we’ve offered in a while…a heat tolerant bright gold leaf selection of our native elderberry. 

Lest we forget about our woody lily friends, fall marks the return of several favorites including the incredible creamy-edged Agave ovatifolia ‘Orca’ along with two of our exclusive century plant hybrids. To that, we add a first time offering of a gigantic form of Agave chrysantha discovered in a secret location in remote Arizona.

For the woodland garden, you’ll find several treasures, starting with the amazing new Hosta ‘Trendsetter’, that is available for the first time in limited quantities. Dryopteris kinkiensis returns to the catalog and is the only source worldwide for this amazing fern. The giant Mexican male fern that we love so much also makes a return appearance. Two new Asian mayapples provide a bold texture for the woodland garden, as does the edible hardy ginger, Zingiber mioga ‘Crug’s Zing’. 

Liriope ‘Monroe White’ is an amazing white-flowered, clumping monkey grass that will truly glow in the woodland, while the native Geranium maculatum ‘Gettin’ High’ adds a touch of blue/lavender to the spring garden. How about another heavy fruiting dwarf selection of Butcher’s Broom…check out the first US offering of Ruscus ‘Sparkler’.  

We thank all the first-time visitors to our Open Nursery and Garden days, along with our returning cast of regulars. For us, there’s nothing like seeing old garden friends, meeting new ones, and sharing the joys of gardening and great plants. To everyone whose purchased plants this spring, we can’t say thank you enough for the continued support, neither the nursery nor gardens could exist without you.  

As always…happy gardening! 

-tony and anita