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More Information About Typhonium

Typhonium is a little known exotic plant genus that is reminiscent of a dwarf Arisaema or Amorphophallus. Like its aroid cousins, typhonium prefers partial shade and loose, amended soil for best performance. Also, like its cousins, typhonium produces mahogany or purple flowers that are quite fragrant (stinky is a better term) for a short period of time.

Typhonium may be grown in a woodland rock garden or at the front of a shaded perennial bed. Typhonium looks good when grown as a specimen plant and used in combination with other small plants such as asarum, drimiopsis, epimedium or ferns.

Taxonomists tried to combine the genus Sauromatum with Typhonium, but new research (2011) indicates the two should be kept separate. In addition to its ornamental uses, Typhonium is also being studied for its anti-cancer medicinal properties. When you're ready to buy typhonium for your woodland perennial garden, check out our online list of typhoniums for sale.