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More Information About Luzula

Luzula is a Juncus relative that, like its cousin, looks superficially like an ornamental grass. The evergreen clumps of Luzula look nice in sun or shade and produce open airy panicles of white or brown flowers in summer.

There are roughly 108 species of Luzula and they vary in shape...narrow-leaves, wide-leaves, variegated well as in preferred habitat...sun or shade. Most are from cool regions of the world, either high latitutde or high altitude, so don't place your Luzula in a baking hot site. You can use Luzula like you would Carex or Ophiopogon to add a grassy feel to a perennial border. In the summer, when the plants start to look a little scraggly, simply trim them back and they will quickly fill in with fresh new growth.

The name Luzula is unusual and nobody knows for certain where it comes from. One view is that the name is derived from the Italian word lucciola (to shine) or the Latin word luzulae or luxulae (related to lux..light) because the leaves are very shiny when wet with morning dew. Whatever the origin of the word, we know you'll take a shine to Luzula. When you are ready to buy Luzula for your garden, check out our online list of Luzula for sale below.