Helleborus are marvelous winter-flowering perennials with evergreen foliage perfect for woodland gardens. Helleborus become amazingly drought-tolerant with age and are great under summer-thirsty deciduous trees. Helleborus are also known as Christmas Roses, Lenten Roses, and Winter Roses.

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Gardeners worldwide are enchanted with the flowering shade plant genus Helleborus, aka Hellebore or Lenten Rose. Hellebores are winter-flowering perennials for the shade garden. Many of our hellebore offerings are grown from our own in-house selections, but we also obtain hellebore plants from the top breeders around the world and make them available to you.

We offer many other popular species of hellebore for sale, including the Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, the bear claw hellebore, Helleborus foetidus, the hard-to-find helleborus orientalis. We also have many inter-specific hybrid hellebores for sale, including Helleborus x nigercors, Helleborus x ericsmithii, and Helleborus x ballardiae. And from our breeder friends we always have a selection of the top hellebore cultivars such as Helleborus Ivory Prince and Helleborus Pink Frost.

The hellebore plant is easy to grow if you provide improved soil and a part-shade location. Although hellebore lenten rose plants need to be kept slightly moist when they are becoming established, they become relatively drought-tolerant with age. Some hellebores will seed around the garden but most of the other interspecific hybrids with Helleborus niger are sterile. In addition to their great flowers and foliage, hellebores are also deer-resistant.

If you are ready to buy Helleborus plants for your shade garden, check out our list of lenten roses for sale. The only thing better than shopping our website to buy hellebore electronically is visiting us during our annual Winter Open Nursery and Garden, when we hand pick the best flowering specimens from our Lenten Rose collection and fill two entire sales houses with them. Plant Delights has one of the best collections of hellebores for sale in the country.

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