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More Information About Cortaderia

The central prairie region of Argentina is called the pampas region and one of the primary plants of this area is Cortaderia, aka pampas grass. The 25 species in the genus Cortaderia can also be found elsewhere in South America as well as in New Zealand and New Guinea.

The genus name Cortaderia is derived from the Spanish word "corta", meaning "cut". This term refers to the leaves which have finely serrated edges that can easily cut through human skin. Cortaderia species (especially C. selloana) have an attractive arching habit and tall feathery flower heads. They have been widely used throughout the US for many years, but the cultivated cortaderia selections do not fully explore the full beauty of the genus . We strive to introduce gardeners to some of the colorful alternative cortaderia species that exist. Most of you may be familiar with the feathery white plumes that top the common pampas grasses, but we have found other tremendously attractive colors such as tan, brown, and pink pampas grass flowers.

Like most prairie plants, cortaderia prefers full sun and well-drained soil. It is salt- and drought-tolerant once established and the sharp leaves deter deer. The only maintenance required is removing the dead flower heads and leaves once each year. Cortaderia is a large plant and needs a large spot in the garden. It pairs well with other substantial plants such as shrubs and small trees. When you are ready to buy cortaderia for your garden, check out our online list of cortaderia for sale.