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More Information About Corylus

Corylus is a genus of around 18 species of trees and shrubs most commonly known for the edible nuts they produce. Corylus species make a decent specimen tree or a hedge plant?in fact Corylus avellana is the traditional hedge used to separate fields in England.

Here at Plant Delights, we like Corylus because it is easy to grow, even in clay, and produces very distinct and attractive roundish leaves with a serrated edge. One cultivar, Harry Lauders' Walking Stick, also has contorted stems which are very ornamental, especially in winter. If you don't harvest the edible nuts for yourself, your Corylus will attract plenty of wildlife who will munch on them...squirrels, etc. In the spring Corylus trees produce a type of dangling flower cluster called a catkin.

In Celtic mythology Corylus nuts are believed to grant wisdom as they did to a boy named Fin McCool. We think you would be wise to include Corylus into your garden. When you're ready to buy Corylus for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of Corylus for sale.