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More Information About Clinadina

x Clinadina is a one of a kind plant...a wonderful botanical accident. x Clinadina is an intergeneric hybrid between Clinopodium georgianum (calamint) and an unknown species of Conradina (false rosemary). The naturally occurring cross produced an attractive small evergreen shrub whose leaves have a remarkable peppermint scent when bruised. I can't help but brush my hands through the x Clinadina foliage everytime I walk by to release the cool, refreshing fragrance.

x Clinadina grows into a dwarf shrub (18") and is perfect to line a path or provide a supporting role in a mix ed container. It will tolerate shearing and thus x Clinadina could be used as a knot garden shrub. x Clinadina prefers full sun and well-drained soil, especially in the winter to prevent root rot. Its Conradina parent should lend x Clinadina a fair degree of drought tolerance as well. Try combining x Clinadina with agastache, perovskia, or monarda for a fragrance bouquet that both you and the local butterflies will love. When you are ready to buy clinadina for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of clinadina for sale.