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More Information About Achimenantha

The intergeneric cross between Achimenes and Smithiantha known as x Achimenantha is an African violet relative (gesneriad) known for its fall-blooming flared tubular flowers that come in a wide variety of colors from red to pink to yellow to white. The initial cross of this ex otic plant, officially known as x Achimenantha naegelioides, was made in 1973 by botany professor and head of Cornell University's Bailey Hortorium, Dr. Harold E. Moore. Gesneriad breeders have followed up in the last 40 years with many cultivars of x Achimenantha. each displaying an interesting color form. x Achimenantha prefers part sun, rich soil and consistent moisture. Try pairing x Achimenantha with its gesneriad cousins, hemiboea, sinningia, and ttanotrichum to create a mini family reunion in the woodland garden. When you are ready to buy x Achimenantha for your garden, check out our online offering of x Achimenantha for sale.