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More Information About Acalypha

The genus Acalypha is becoming quite popular in American gardens, especially the bedding plant species. Acalypha is a large and diverse genus of around 500 species. Some species have exotic feather boa-like flowers and others have colorful coleus-like leaves. Most Acalypha species are tropical and can only be grown as annuals here in North Carolina, but there are some cold hardy species, such as Acalypha pendula to grace the southern garden. The long cattail-like flowers of Acalypha pendula beg to hang over walls and containers and would look great in combination with coreopsis, gaillardia or phlox.

Acalypha prefers part sun and a moderate amount of water but is otherwise fairly flexible about its environment, although being tropical in origin, acalypha favors high humidity. Acalypha is in the same family as euphorbia and produces a similar milky sap. When you are ready to buy an acalypha for your garden, check out our list of acalypha for sale.