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Saxifraga (Strawberry Begonia)

More Information About Saxifraga

There are a number of different groups in the genus Saxifraga, from difficult-to-grow alpine species to easy-to-grow woodland gems. We've successfully killed several of the alpine saxifraga, so guess what is left? Saxifraga are native around the world and while they vary greatly in leaf pattern, they are are all similar in habit...mostly forming low-growing rosettes.

Needless to say, our saxifraga selections prefer woodland conditions; partial shade, and well-draining but evenly moist rich soil. Some saxifraga are able to spread with the aid of numerous attractive stolons which are above ground stems that grow horizontally along the ground sprouting new roots and shoots.

The name saxifraga comes from the Latin for "stone-breaker" as certain species live on rocks and send their roots down into the fissures, causing them to crack open even more. The genus saxifraga is a close cousin to other ornamental perennials including mukdenia, boykinia, bergenia, and astilboides. The Japanese eat the leaves of Saxifraga stolonifera, fresh or cooked. When you are ready to buy saxifraga for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of saxifraga for sale.