Choose the Right Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

Choose the Right Perennial Flowers for Your Garden

By Published April 08, 2014 Updated June 08, 2022

Perennial flowers allow you to have a beautiful garden year after year. If you care for your perennial plants properly, they will provide you with vibrant colors every year. There are a number of perennials that will give you a wide range of colors in your garden. Choosing the right plants for your growing area is important to ensure that your plants all perform well. Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. can help you to choose the right perennials for your growing area and your specific gardening needs. We offer a wide range of beautiful plants from which you can choose and offer only the best performers.

Coral bells give you beautiful foliage and tiny bell-shaped flowers in many different colors. They are excellent for use in rock gardens and are a wonderful choice for ground covering. Coral bells reach up to 12 inches in height and their foliage colors vary from green and crimson to silver tipped. They can help make your landscaping more diverse and offer a beautiful contrast to other perennial flowers. They are commonly chosen because they perform well in many growing zones 3 through 8. Coral bells are low maintenance and give you a wonderful splash of color in the garden.

Butterfly bush is another very commonly chosen perennial. If you love seeing butterflies in your garden, this plant is the perfect choice. Butterfly bush draws in butterflies with its light fragrance and colorful flowers. They work well with other perennial plants and provide a wonderful contrast to coral bells and other plants. Plant Delights Nursery can provide you with coral bells, butterfly bush and several other perennial flowers that will help you to customize your garden area. We grow and cultivate a number of plants, ensuring that you receive the best performers for your landscaping needs.

Whether you are looking for traditional plants such as hostas, coral bells or butterfly bush or you prefer a more exotic approach to gardening and prefer an agave plant or pitcher plant, Plant Delights Nursery can help you to select the perfect plants for your garden area. You can visit our botanical gardens during our Open House Days or feel free to browse our website and read through our informative articles. We can help you to choose the right perennial flowers for your garden area based on your growing zone and your specific wants.

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