Need a Great Native Plant for Your Garden?

Need a Great Native Plant for Your Garden?

By Published August 11, 2014 Updated July 11, 2022

A great nursery for native plants can be hard to find. Especially when you realize most of the places you buy plants from are not nurseries at all. They do not grow their own plants, they get them from elsewhere and hope you buy them before they kill them. That is why you should buy garden flowers online at Plant Delights Nursery. We are a real nursery for plants and grow our own, so we know how to care for them properly and are happy to pass the information on to you. When you buy perennials online from us you know you are getting the quality that comes from a knowledgeable staff of plant lovers working at every step of the process, from propagation to shipping.

As a nursery for plants we are knowledgeable about the plants we grow, even though many are rare or little studied. Many places give you little more information than perennial/annual and sun/shade. We know that’s not typically enough information, so you can find detailed information about garden flowers garden flowers on our website. The online Plant Delights catalog is full of information about what we sale, giving detailed zone data, water requirements, light needs, origin, a detailed description including tolerances and special needs, and a picture; you can even sort by characteristics like height and color.

We are a botanical and research garden as well as a nursery that sells North American native plants, so you can be sure the information is accurate as you buy garden flowers online. Research and trialing to make sure the information about a plant is accurate is important to us; something you might not find at a typical retailer or nursery for plants.

Because we serve everyone from botanical gardens to the casual gardener it is important the plant identity is correct, and the plant information. We know that even the best gardener is only as good as the information provided. At Plant Delights Nursery you can be sure that everything we provide you with is of the highest quality, from the plant itself to the information about it.

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