Hardy Palms

Hardy Palms

Trees for Winter Temperate Garden Climates

By Published May 21, 2018 Updated June 21, 2022

While most people in temperate growing zones may consider Palms as exotic, there are hardy palms that can flourish in cooler zones. Some hardy palm trees can be grown in areas as low as zone 6. However, a hardy palm may perform differently in what are considered similar growing zones. If considering trying hardy palm trees, some research into the amount of sun, heat, and moisture different species need should aid in the decision making process.

The dwarf Palmetto, or Sabal minor, is a hardy palm that is native to the southeastern United States. The trunk often grows up to 5' deep underground, which aids in its hardiness. Sabal minor prefers warm summers and in the winter, mulch should be used for protection. Cold hardy palms that are larger have greater chances of over wintering than smaller ones. Treating these hardy palms as house plants for a couple of years builds up their size and makes them sturdier for future winters.

Windmill palms, or Trachycarpus, are hardy palms that perform well in mid-South summers or cooler Pacific Northwest climates. These hardy palm trees do best in clay based soils with full sun. Windmill palms need winter protection when starting in the ground, and like Sabal minor, starting these cold hardy palms indoors increases their survivability.

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