Buy Plants Online Including Flowering Perennials

Buy Plants Online Including Flowering Perennials

By Published December 22, 2015 Updated June 22, 2022

People love flowers, it's hard to deny. People also like plants they don't have to buy every year. Despite what it sometimes seems, the two aren't mutually exclusive. Flowering perennials do least outside the non-flowering world of hardy ferns. And it doesn't take a group of explorers funded by national geographic in remote reaches of the world to find them; actually sometimes it does. Even when it does, here at Plant Delights Nursery we try to make the resulting flowering perennials available when you’re ready to buy plants online.

Our goal is to research flowering perennials and make both the plants and the knowledge available to you. Plant Delights Nursery brings the wonders of the plant world into your reach when you’re ready to buy plants online. And, yes, we carry a vast selection of flowering perennials and varieties.

When you buy plants online you can cut out the middle man. At Plant Delights Nursery we do our own flowering perennials research and trials, as well as grow our own plants. Often we get flowering perennials from the breeder or the explorer, trial them, propagate them, and then offer gardeners the chance to buy these plants online. This allows us to bring you a diversity of flowering perennials that can be hard to find elsewhere. We have a diversity of flowering perennials for sale online, with experience in growing them that is just as vast.

But just because plants are flowering perennials doesn't mean they’ll be flowering perennials in all climates. Depending on the hardiness zone, some plants are hardy perennial flowers in one climate and tender flowering perennials in another climate. The key is matching the flowering perennials you buy to your climate. Gladiolus are a beautiful plant that must be dug every year or die, right? No. Many old varieties and discovered forms we've sold are cold hardy flowering perennials with some hardy to zone 5a. Many modern gladiolus varieties are tender perennials, so you're more likely to have to buy more bulbs that way. It's like that old gardener’s joke, “how many times does it take to plant a bulb?” Just once, unless you bought the wrong one for your climate. We aim to introduce more plants that are hardy flowering perennials through research, exploration, and even breeding.

Because we are so intertwined in the plant introduction process we know plants, we know how to grow and ship flowering perennials, and we bring the knowledge to you. When you buy plants online from our plant catalog you get a large amount of information about our flowering perennials: species name, description, height, flower time, and origin, along with some humor. You'll know how to treat your plant and you'll know what went into its production so you can appreciate its value even more.

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