Buying the Best perennials Online

Buying the Best perennials Online

By Published July 22, 2014 Updated June 22, 2022

If you want annuals to throw in a flower bed and replace next year then your local garden center should have a decent selection. If you want the best perennialsthen plant catalog companies, like Plant Delights Nursery, are the better choice. If you are buying chocolate bunny statues then the supermarket is fine, but if you buying are marble statues you are going to go to a fine art dealer. The same is true of short lived annuals and the best perennials, one will soon disappear and the other will find a permanent place in the museum that is your garden. Plant catalog companies specialize in plants and can bring you a better quality and selection than many garden centers.

Plant Delights Nursery specializes in unusual and hard to find plants, so we really are the fine art dealers of plant catalog companies. Just don’t let that confuse you, we sell the best perennials not art, despite selling Musa 'Picasso', Zantedeschia 'Picasso', and Lobelia 'Monet Moment'. We hunt for the best plants from all over the USA and the world to bring you the masterpieces. Some plant catalog companies and retailers offer poor reproductions, while we sell only the best perennials.

You can be sure we bring you the best because not only are we one of the best plant catalog companies, we are part of our own plant museum….er botanical garden. Juniper Level Botanical Garden is dedicated to housing and researching rare and new plants from all over the world, and is funded by our mail order nursery which introduces and sells them. That passion, expertise, and quality shows through in every plant we sell, as we strive to only sell the best perennials.

We offer a diversity and quality of plant comparable to any great museum. If you like the unusual and abstract we have a large number of strange and interesting plants to grab your attention, like the strange amorphophallus (corpse flower, voodoo lily), the unique and enchanting ariseamas (jack-in-the-pulpit), and the whimsical sarracenia (pitcher plants). If you’re more into the classics we offer a large variety of new or hard to find favorite, with large selections of Hibiscus, Hostas, Cannas, Irises, and Cypripediums (lady slipper orchids). To add the next masterpiece to your garden shop at Plant Delights.

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