Find the Best Perennials for Your Hardiness Zone

Find the Best Perennials for Your Hardiness Zone

By Published October 22, 2016 Updated June 22, 2022

The best perennials for your garden can be found at our online plant nursery. Plant Delights Nursery is known worldwide for selecting, trialing, and propagating the best perennials for sale by mail order. We currently have nearly 20 acres of trial and display gardens where new plants and older cultivars are trialed by our gardens and research staff for their garden performance and tolerance to the difficult gardening conditions of the southeast US.

Although our primary focus is plant research , we use our perennials plant nursery to subsequently share the best perennial plants from those trials with gardeners around the world. We currently grow over 21,000 different kinds of perennials from all corners of the world. This includes American native plants, as well as plants from China, plants from Japan, and an array of other countries. To select the best perennials, we often grow plants in the garden for anywhere from a few years to a decade to gather enough information to determine which are good enough to offer from our online plant nursery .

Keep in mind that just because we may select a plant as one of the best perennials for our hardiness zone, it does not always mean that it will also be a top-performing perennial in your hardiness zone. Just like people, plants may be better adapted to cool-summer climates or hot-summer climates; to alkaline soils vs. acidic soils. Some plants may prefer climates where there is adequate summer rainfall, while others prefer dry summer Mediterranean climates. As a general rule, a plant from a hot summer climate typically will not thrive in a cool summer region and vice versa. Typically, a plant from an alkaline habitat will perform fine in an acidic soil, but the reverse is usually not the case.

For many common plants, there is plenty of information about plant survivability in a variety of climates. However, since we offer many rare and unusual plants in our online plant nursery, there is simply not much information available about them. We provide as much information as possible in our on-line plant nursery catalog, although it is incumbent upon gardeners to research themselves and as questions to be a successful as possible. We work hard to select some of the best perennials from around the world, and we hope you enjoy growing them in your garden as much as we enjoy making them available through our online plant nursery.

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