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Amorphophallus titanum
JLBG @ Juniper Level Botanic Gdn, NC

Amorphophallus titanum

Corpse Flower, Giant Titan Arum

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Item #: 1775

Zones: Tropical

Dormancy: Winter, Spring

Height: 180" tall

Culture: Part Sun to Light Shade

Origin: Indonesia

Pot Size: 3.5" pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L) ?

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Amorphophallus titanum is the Holy Grail of the plant kingdom. All plant nuts have seen pictures and then searched for this rarity...indeed only several hundred specimens are known in cultivation. For those new to the titan arum, Amorphophallus titanum has the world's largest inflorescence...up to 8' tall. The giant red vase, with an equally large central spathe, is truly one of the most fragrant wonders of the horticultural world. The giant leaf atop a mottled stalk that can grow to 15' appears after the flower. The seed stalk, which reaches to 6' tall and holds large red berries, is equally unbelievable. It may go dormant only every 2-3 years and, as a rule, Amorphophallus titanum likes it hot! Please do not order this unless you are a passionate and very serious plant NUT! While we have sold over 1,000 of these, we only flowered our first one on site in 2018. Read more here.

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