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More Information About Ulmus

The genus Ulmus is distributed widely in the Americas, Europe, and Asia and contains 36 species of trees. The most recognizable ulmus species is Ulmus americana, the American elm, whose populations were decimated in the 20th century by Dutch elm disease (DED). New breeding efforts are creating disease-resistant hybrids, so Ulmus americana hybrids may someday make a comeback. There are many naturally DED-resistant ulmus species that make great substitutes for the American elm in US gardens. Elms are prized for their tolerance of urban environments and their beautiful, tall, vase-like form. Fall color varies by species and may be brown, yellow, or red.

Ulmus species prefer full or part sun and tolerate a variety of soil conditions, pH, and moisture levels. Once established, elm trees are drought-tolerant. Ulmus trees also resist injury from air pollution, making them excellent street trees in urban areas. When you are ready to buy ulmus for your garden, check out our online list of ulmus for sale.