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Heteropterys (Red Wing)

Heteropterys is an uncommon and esoteric plant in the US from a plant family not normally found north of central america that will make US-based plant nerds geek out.

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More Information About Heteropterys

Heteropterys is a genus of about 150 South American species of vines or loosely branched shrubs. Of this group only one, Heteropterys glabra, is typically grown in US gardens and it is popular for its copious production of bright yellow flowers and bright red, maple-like seeds both of which are present at the same time on the plant. You can train Heteropterys as a woody vine on a fence or arbor, or you can let the long woody stems flop over to form a loose mounding shrub. Unlike most of the members of the genus Heteropterys which are largely tropical, H. glabra has enough cold tolerance to be grown in the sub-tropical Zone 7 parts of the US...although at the upper end of its range, it may die back to the ground during the winter.