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More Information About Chrysosplenium

The genus Chrysosplenium contains 57 species of creeping or clumping perennial plants native around the world in northern hemisphere countries, with two species reaching into South America. As the common name implies, chrysosplenium is in the family Saxifragaceae which makes it a botanical cousin of heuchera and tiarella. Chrysosplenium is primarily a foliage plant. Most chrysosplenium have small leaves but one, Chrysosplenium macrophyllum, has bergenia-sized leaves. Its small flowers sometimes have no petals and sometimes just pale white or yellow petals that are surrounded by small green sepals. The central floral parts, stamen and pistil, may be attractively reddish colored.

Chrysosplenium species live in the forest understory in moist shaded sites. Spreading via stolons, chrysosplenium can form a nice 8" tall colony spread over 6'. This is definitely an esoteric group of can give Chrysosplenium to someone who already has every other kind of plant. Try combining Chrysosplenium with deinanthe, leucosceptrum, and porteranthus and invite your know-it-all friends over for a little plant I.D. fun.