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More Information About Hedera

Instead of offering climbing juvenile ivy vines, we are excited to offer adult (mature) forms of ivy that are shrubs (arborescent). Just like a young child, young ivy vines run around and get into things they shouldn't. Like kids, ivy goes through puberty, which happens only after it crawls high (30-40') into a tree or other tall object. It then settles down, stops running, begins flowering, and gains the ability to reproduce.

Just as adult people grow rounder with age, arborescent ivies also change shape and the leaves lose their lobed appearance. By propagating from these difficult-to-root adult parts of the plant, the adult ivy plant retains the mature characteristics, even when brought back down to ground level and grown like a shrub.

Adult ivy shrubs no longer feel the need to crawl around and conquer the rest of the plant kingdom. Although adult ivy shrubs have the ability to reproduce by seed, we have seen no seedlings in our trials. Thanks to Richard Davis of the Ivy Farm for allowing us to offer his adult ivy selections.

Like its juveniule vine form, arborescent ivy prefers rich soils and can tolerate both sun and shade. Arborescent ivies are more drought-tolerant than juvenile ones. When you are ready to buy adult ivy for your garden, check out our online offering of adult ivy for sale.