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Tanacetum parthenium 'Aureum' (Golden Feverfew)

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Zone: 5a to 8b,at least

Height: 12" tall

Culture: Sun to Part Sun

Origin: Europe

Pot Size: 3.5" pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L)

Golden Feverfew isn't an unusual plant, but it's one that we've had in our garden for several decades and can't imagine gardening without. The 1' tall, evergreen mounds of serrate, aromatic golden foliage look fabulous in the garden even through the winter months. In late spring, the clumps are topped with lovely terminal sprays of small white daisies. Golden feverfew will spread a few seedlings around the garden, but they blend so well that there rarely seems to be too many. If, however, you reach the "too many" threshold, snip the old flower stalks before they go to seed...unless you're of the Catholic persuasion. In hot summer climates, the foliage color may age to chartreuse green in summer months. Poor drainage is one of its few enemies. Tanacetum parthenium has an array of medicinal uses from warding off diseases to curing headaches, toothaches, arthritis, and, of course, its namesake...fevers.

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