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Since 1988, Plant Delights Nursery has been the choice of serious gardeners and plant collectors looking for the best and rarest perennial plants. We are pleased to have received the Perennial Plant Association Retail Award in 2011, the American Horticulture Society Commercial Award in 2002, and to have been selected as one of the Best Mail Order Plant Nurseries - Garden Design Magazine 2010. Welcome to our family of plant lovers!

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Plant Delights Nursery E-Newsletter April 2014

Dear PDNers,

It looks like we've finally moved past our persistent winter at Plant Delights, as have many of you in much of the country. Yes, we feel for those of you living in more northerly climates who still have snow and will continue having frosts into early June. Interestingly, most of our gardening friends in the UK have experienced an exceedingly warm winter, along with those in northern Florida, who were just below the southern-dipping polar vortexes this winter.

Our last spring frost at Plant Delights was March 27, and the long range forecast doesn't show anything below freezing for the remainder of the spring season...if you put any faith in long-range weather forecasts. Actually, March 27 isn't too far off our normal average last frost date of April 1. Like carrying an umbrella to prevent rain, we attribute the predicted lack of late spring frosts this year to the installation of permanent heaters in all of our previously unheated hosta cold frames. We were simply tired of lugging portable space heaters into the cold frames with each late spring frost and waking up several times through the night to refill the heaters with fuel.

Here at Juniper Level, we see many signs of spring in the garden...hostas popping through the ground, early arisaemas coming into flower, and toad lily foliage emerging. We had to cover a few early-emerging perennials with frost cloth once last week when our temperatures dropped to 26 degrees F, but hopefully that's it for freezing weather until fall. We might actually have a decent magnolia bloom this year, although our largest plant of Magnolia 'Butterflies' tried to open the day before we dropped to 26 F, so it was seriously frost-slapped. Read More

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Have you visited the gardens at Juniper Level lately to see all of our unusual plants? If not, you'll be in for the time of your life. Not only are the display gardens filled with native perennials and exotic treasures that you won't find anywhere else, but the nursery is also jam-packed with an amazing array of perennials to satisfy even the most jaded gardener.

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