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Sedum mexicanum 'Lemon Ball' (Lemon Ball Stonecrop)

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Zone: 7b to 9b,at least

Height: 6" tall

Culture: Sun

Origin: Mexico

Pot Size: 3.5" pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L)

(aka: S. reflexum 'Lemon Coral') Sedum mexicanum 'Lemon Ball' is a great garden and container plant, which could explain why it's been illegally renamed so many times for marketing purposes. Sedum 'Lemon Ball' is a selection of Sedum mexicanum (not reflexum or rupestre) that is a brighter yellow and more heat-loving counterpart of the popular Sedum 'Angelina'. The soft, golden, rubbery, linear evergreen foliage is great for creating fun color combinations...and wait until the fireworks-like heads of bright yellow flowers top the patch in late spring! Expect a 6" tall x 3' wide mound in 3 years. What a gem in the full sun rock garden.

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