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So you've picked out several of our rare and unusual plants for sale and now you want to buy them. This page should answer any questions that you have regarding our checkout process.

Domestic Shipments

Our shipping season runs from mid-February until the end of November.

Weather permitting, our spring orders will be shipped on your preferred shipping date indicated on your order form. If you do not indicate a preferred date, we will assign a date according to your USDA Hardiness Zone. Be sure to indicate any specific dates when you will NOT be available to receive your order. Email confirmations are sent after the order is entered into our order processing system. If you are not an email-friendly customer, we will be happy to send you a paper order acknowledgment via snail mail. If your ship date arrives and we see that potentially damaging weather is predicted, we will delay shipping until conditions improve. We want to be sure you are ready to receive your new adoptees.

Before we got into this business, we thought companies were making a lot of money on shipping ... maybe so, but nurseries aren't. After careful analysis of the time required to take an order, pull it from the growing area, prepare and wrap it, pack it, fill out the shipping paperwork, and acquire shipping containers (are you tired yet?), there is no profit from shipping ... it is break-even at best. And, like our federal government, we are dedicated to continue this nursery tradition.

We offer Next Day Air, and Second Day Air premium services to the continental United States at an additional cost. Second Day Air charge is $8 per plant with a $40 minimum. Next Day Air is $10 per plant with a $50 minimum.

Shipping Charges:

State Your minimum shipping charge
(if ordering 5 plants or less):
Your per plant charge We usually ship via
AK, HI*, or PR* $30.00 $6.00 Air Service
AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, or WY $27.50 $5.50 Air Service
CO, KS, NE, ND, NM, OK, SD, or TX $21.25 $4.25 3-day Service
AL, AR, IA, IL, IN, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, OH, TN, or WI $20.00 $4.00 Ground Service
All other states not listed above $19.25 $3.85 Ground Service

*$10.00 NCDA Inspection Fee applies

Site Order Pick-Up

We’re thrilled for you to pick up your order on-site at the nursery. If you place your order on-line, just click the box for site pickup, and our customer service staff will be in touch with a time and date when your order is ready for pickup. If you place your order by phone, pickup can usually be scheduled at that time.

Foreign Shipments

We work closely with the USDA and shipping companies to ensure that your plants pass inspection and are allowed entry into your country. Unless we are at fault, we do not refund or replace plants that die due to time in transit or customs delays. Orders shipped outside the US must be paid by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only). A $100 plant purchase minimum is required for all international orders.

Charges are as follows: the actual price of the plants, a $75 phytosanitary certificate fee, and a handling fee of $5 per plant. Shipping costs will be charged to your credit card separately on the day of shipment. Whenever possible, PDN uses the less expensive US Postal Service as the primary international carrier. To avoid any misunderstandings, we will not quote estimated shipping charges in advance. Until your plant order is bare-rooted, packaged and weighed, we do not know how much the shipping charges will be. The amount charged by the shipping company is the amount that will be charged to your credit card. Additional costs associated with a broker, including any duties and taxes, are your responsibility.

Please check with your country's Ministry of Agriculture to determine if any plants you wish to order require an import permit or are listed on a prohibited plants list. If an import permit is required, we must have this document prior to the shipping date for your plants. The import permit must be the original document issued by your Ministry of Agriculture, not a photocopy and it must be in English. If you cancel your order after USDA inspection, the $75 phytosanitary certification fee is non-refundable. Orders that are refused due to transit delays or unpaid duties and taxes will not be refunded. Regardless of the circumstances, you are expected to accept delivery of your order. Should you experience a legitimate problem after unpacking your order, we will be happy to assist you.

Reminder for Foreign Shipments:

  • $100 Minimum plant order
  • $75 for Phytosanitary inspection & certificate
  • $5 per plant handling fee
  • Shipping is weight based, TBD day of shipping

Once your plants arrive, they should be unpacked immediately. Soak the roots for a few minutes in warm water, then repot or plant in the ground as usual.


Payment by check, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal (for web orders) must accompany your order. Make checks payable to: Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. We also accept cash, but only the kind with dead folks pictured on the front. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-paid, first-served basis. All items in this catalog are currently available but quantities may be limited. Ordering early will greatly increase your chances of receiving all of your first choices. Your credit card will be charged when your order is placed, which reserves the plants you have chosen. In spite of our best efforts, a reserved plant may occasionally fall prey to disease, fail to break dormancy, or develop other concerns that do not meet our quality criteria. Should this be the case, you will receive a credit/refund as outlined under "Substitutes."

Advisory - If you have already run your credit cards up to the limit, we suggest that you get a higher credit limit before reading through this catalog.

Substitutes, Refunds, Credits

Please list acceptable substitutes on your order form. While an item may sell steadily through the season, one customer, an insect, or disease can quickly wipe out those available plants. Because of the minimum shipping charge, it is to your advantage to list a few substitutes. When substitutes are not possible, indicate on your order form whether you prefer credit towards a future order, a refund, or a backorder (must have $20 minimum for backorder). If no preference is listed on your order form or in the comments field on your web order, we will post a credit on your Plant Delights customer account for use toward a future order. If you prefer a refund by check or a refund to your credit card, please let us know.


We grow all of our plants in containers. Most plants are grown in 24 oz. (3 9/16" square) containers, with some of the larger plants in 2 qt. (1.892 L) or 3 qt. (2.83L) pots. All 24 oz. plants are shipped in their containers, while plants grown in larger containers will have their containers and loose soil removed before shipping. Dormant bulbous plants are packed and shipped in peat moss.

Website Security

You may place your orders through our on-line catalog without worry. Our shopping cart uses industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt your credit card information during the payment collection steps. We further promise that your card number will be kept encrypted and secure after it arrives on our server.

Guarantee Policy

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