The Real Cats of Juniper Level Botanic Garden/Plant Delights Nursery

About the Plant Delights Nursery cats

Not only do we grow plants, but we’ve even got room for a few non-plants. The nursery is protected 24/7 by members of "the PDN family." Yes, we’re talking about the real sopranos. If you’ve visited the gardens during open house and gardens, you have, no doubt, met some or all of our family of cats. Even if you didn’t see them, you can rest assured they had you in their sights.

Zirconia the Cat at Plant Delights


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DOB: April 2000

About: Zirconia is our eldest boy, a regal, silver-grey short-haired old man. Zirc, as we nicknamed him, loves taking naps and keeping watch over the gardens.

Likes: Eating and sleeping.

Dislikes: Not getting his way (takes after Tony)

Henry the Cat at Plant Delights


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DOB: unknown

About: Henry is a scrapper who is not afraid to tangle with any of the other cats, except his pal Jasper. Henry has a great personality and gets along well with our employees and shoppers.

Likes: Having his belly rubbed and sleeping in piles of shredded newspaper.

Dislikes: Other felines who think they are the top cat. Zirconia

Jasper the Cat at Plant Delights


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DOB: 2012

About: Jasper loves people and loves to climb trees to catch birds and squirrels. He loves to chase butterflies, bees and voles. He loves playing with Henry, but the feelings are not always mutual.

Likes: Following the staff around the garden to check in. Nursery Tour Groups

Dislikes: Nothing. It's all good.

Jake and Elwood the Cats at Plant Delights

Jake & Elwood

DOB: June 2014

About: Meet the twins! These little boys were rescued from the Cape Fear River by the Best Friends pet adoption folks in Cary, NC. They live in the residence with Anita and Tony and enjoy being babied and loved endlessly. They act more like dogs than cats as they come when called and fetch the rubber ball. Anita is training them to cook for Tony.

Likes: Everything.

Dislikes: Nothing.

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