The Real Cats of Juniper Level Botanic Garden/Plant Delights Nursery

About the Plant Delights Nursery cats

Not only do we grow plants, but we’ve even got room for a few non-plants. The nursery is protected 24/7 by members of "the PDN family." Yes, we’re talking about the real sopranos. If you’ve visited the gardens during open house and gardens, you have, no doubt, met some or all of our family of cats. Even if you didn’t see them, you can rest assured they had you in their sights.

Pearl the Cat at Plant Delights


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Pearl DOB: July, 1998

About: Pearl came to us in November of 1998. Pearl has a very sweet and loving nature like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If you stop petting Pearl, expect a sharp bite as a reminder to continue. Pearl saw too many Garfield flicks as a kitten, and given the chance, Pearl will jump into open car windows in the parking lot. She may be the first cat on the planet who is allergic to tuna.

Likes: Doing nothing.

Dislikes: Doing anything.

Zirconia the Cat at Plant Delights


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Zirconia DOB: April 2000

About: Zirconia is our oldest male, a regal, silver-grey short-haired ball of energy. He rarely sleeps late, and will bug the daylights out of us to let him out in the morning. He enjoys meeting visitors and will climb up on anyone who leans down to pet him, usually wrapping his long body around their shoulders. Zirc, as we nicknamed him, loves attacking other defenseless creatures...we're thinking of renaming him after another well-known terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Likes: Attacking Pearl and Henry, mostly Henry

Dislikes: Not getting his way (takes after Tony)

Henry the Cat at Plant Delights


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Henry DOB: unknown

About: Henry is a scrapper who, although smaller than the other adult cats in the nursery, is not afraid to tangle with any of them (except Jasper who is his pal). Henry has a great personality and gets along well with our employees and shoppers.

Likes: Having his belly rubbed and sleeping in piles of shredded newspaper.

Dislikes: Any other felines who think they are the top cat. Zirconia

Jasper the Cat at Plant Delights


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Jasper DOB: 2012

About: Jasper is the baby of the bunch and gets along with everyone except Zirconia. He loves to chase butterflies, bees and voles. He loves playing with Henry, but the feelings are not always mutual. Jasper is a bit of a fraidy cat when new experiences present themselves and is prone to run off in the face of 'danger' when a fan turns on or the photocopier makes a noise.

Likes: Drinking out of the office toilet and then kissing you on the face. Nursery Tour Groups

Dislikes: Nothing. It's all good.

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