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Ensete maurelii (Red Abyssinian Banana)

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Zone: 8a to 10b,

Height: 120" tall

Culture: Sun to Part Sun

Origin: Eastern Africa

Pot Size: 2 qt. (1.9 L)

We have long been amazed by Ensete maurelii, a superb ornamental banana from the high mountains of East Africa. Growing to only 10' tall in temperate climates (20' tall in tropical areas), Ensete maurelii makes a superb ornamental for the summer border. Each leaf can reach gigantic proportions of 10' long. The most ornamental characteristic is that the foliage is flushed with burgundy, especially concentrated as the new growth emerges. The higher the light levels, the stronger the coloration. We have also seen Ensete maurelii used in large summer containers with great effect. All ensetes are non-offsetting monocarpic plants...they die after they flower. If you've ever seen the magnificent flower, it's well worth the loss.

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